Top 3 Most Profitable Stay at Home Jobs

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Working from home is the best job someone can have. The top 3 most profitable stay at home jobs are child care, tax preparer, and medical transcriptionist. Having your own home day care hits the trifecta: it allows a parent to stay home with their own children, make an income, and eliminate the need to procure child care. It comes with it’s own hardships, such as planning daily activities, making sure the children are safe, and making sure all local and state laws are being followed. Next is tax preparer which is a seasonal job that does require knowledge in the trade. It is a billion dollar a year industry and required for every human being so the ability to profit is very high. Finally, a medical transcriptionist. The faster you type, the more money you can make. They process audio into words and usually are paid by the line. If you type really fast, it’s a good way to make a living! – Gainesville

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Working from home is part of a lifestyle that empowers a person to make their own schedule and have a sense of personal independence. My dream job working from home consists of composing music to sell online. I have already begun selling my musical and sonic art and I hope to take it further. I also like writing interesting articles and producing an occasional website for pay. Basically, working for yourself means that you can mix it up and do something different when you want, just as long as you do something! Being self motivated and driven is what makes working from home into a viable dream job. – Livonia

Working from home is both challenging and rewarding. The challenges include sticking to your own schedule and staying focused. While at the same time, it’s rewarding to have the flexibility and power to be your own boss. My top three dream jobs (that would allow me to work from home) would be blogging, taking surveys, or working as a PR Specialist. I’d love to make anywhere from $25 to $50 an hour; and would on average, work 40-50 hours. I enjoy working, and would love the flexibility to make my own schedule and enjoy being at home. I think working from home is the future of the workforce. – Chicago

Working from home is something I would like to try. I would say the ideal job from home would be a video game designer. It would allow you to be creative and inventive while earning a nice salary from the confines or your own abode. I would also think that a computer software engineer would be a good job that you could do at home. I know it pays well and there is a shortage in the market right now for these positions, so having the work to do wouldn’t be a problem. A financial manager such as a portfolio manager would also be a good job that you could do from home. Access to all of the financial markets is readily available over the internet, and watching people’s money based with a commission incentive sounds good to me. If I could work 30 to 40 hours a week at the house, and make 50 to 100k a year doing it, I would be completely satisfied. No more daily commuting and gas costs. – Lexington

1. My first and favorite work at home job (on the side would have to be amazon turk, i make about 60 dollars a week using this service, although i would like to make more, it doesn’t beat the easy to use website and great surveys that are out there! 2. Freelance, work from home joins in for number 2, i am creative, drawing, painting, etc so freelancing on the internet has gave me that extra income i need while at home on the weekends or when i get a day off from my normal job. pay is basically payed on performance and how good you are able to do a certain task, i make about 40 dollars a week from free lance work, 3. My number three in the list has to be surveys, yes surveys, filling out company offer, samples form various websites, surveys has gave me a substantial amount of money over the past year, i do surveys from 0.01 to up to 5 dollars survey, all adds up in the end of the day like the two other choices. I make about 25 dollars a week in surveys. – Downey, CA

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Top 3 Most Profitable Stay at Home Jobs, Seekyt
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