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Top 3 Most Stylish Laptop Bags for Men on Sale

A lot of guys do not care about the looks or appeal of the things they buy, as long as they get the job done, but then again there are a lot of men who would prefer to have stylish laptop bags regardless of how durable or protective they are. Considering that portable computer messengers and carrying cases are becoming so popular in recent years, the selection of fashionable and cool notebook carriers is much larger than it once was, and there is a diverse array of models to choose from. Since the designer of each of the stylish laptop bags for men tends to focus most of their attention on how the satchel or briefcase actually looks, it can be tough to find a notebook carrying case that is not only appealing, but durable and protective of your PC as well. Fortunately for you, I have compiled this list of the top-rated models on sale this year based on customer reviews and at least a 4-star rating on Amazon.

The Most Stylish Laptop Bags for Men on Sale – 2012

Timbuk2 D-Lux Stylish Laptop Bags for Men

Timbuk2 D-Lux Race Stripe Notebook Messenger

Estimated Cost: $60 – $130

These popular portable computer messengers are so well-recieved basically because there are so many different sizes and colors to choose from. It would a shame not to list a notebook carrier that has plenty of style options unlike most other models available. As you can see, the price ranges quite a bit, and that is because it depends on what size you want. You can buy these stylish laptop bags for men in either small, medium or large, and the measurements and weights for each messenger are as follows:

  • (S) 15.9-by-9.64-by-4.72 inches @ 2.73 pounds
  • (M) 19.3-by-10.43-by-7.87 inches @ 3.15 pounds
  • (L) 22.4-by-11.81-by-9.06 inches @ 3.5 pounds

Other than their multiple size and design options, they are also very durable and portable. Constructed of ballistic nylon with a water-proof TPU liner, the Timbuk2 D-Lux notebook messengers come with a three-zip front panel that has color-coordinated zippers and a studded computer compartment for extra protection.

SwissGear SA9769 Computer Backpack

Estimated Cost: $160

When it comes to backpacks, this SwissGear model is easily one of the most stylish laptop bags on sale right now. Not only do they look extremely cool, but they have several features surrounding protection, convenience and portability as well. The padded shoulder strap makes it much more comfortable to carry around with you, even though it is already relatively lightweight at only 2.8 pounds and measuring 8-by-13-by-18 inches. In addition to their amazing portability and unique appeal, they include a computer sleeve, an audio pocket and a water bottle pocket.

Targus CityGear Sylish Laptop Bags for Men

Targus CityGear New York Top-Load 15.4′ Laptop Bags

Estimated Cost: $65

Here we have a briefcase-type model that is very stylish, especially for the guys who need a portable computer carrier for business or professional use. The Targus CityGear 15.4′ notebook carrying case weighs about 3.2 pounds and has external dimensions of 18-by-14-by-6 inches. The additional file storage within the main PC compartment makes it even more ideal for business use as well as the zip-down workstation that includes several storage options for pens, keys, business cards, or even an iPod or cell phone. These stylish laptop bags for men also feature a removable, mesh accessory pouch and a front zippered pocket for easy access to things such as your passport or work identification card.

All of these guys’ notebook computer carriers are among the highest rated messengers, briefcases or backpacks for sale on Amazon. Keep in mind that there are still dozens of other really stylish laptop bags for men to choose from, and it is possible that you might find a better one for your personal desires.

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