Top 3 Reason on Why Bridal make Artists are Expensive

The most special day of your life is your wedding day, and is hopefully one that you will remember forever. This special and big day that takes up so much planning and deals a great hit to your bank account in the process. However, most brides’ prerequisites are her dress, the venue and of course her makeup, but why bridal makeup artists are expensive, let me to explain.

• Use Top Quality Products
When you hire a makeup artist, then you will see top quality products in their case, and these products are very expensive. You often feel anxious about spending $100 for buying a branded face massage cream, but a makeup artist has to purchase that cream. Therefore, you aren’t only paying for the application of makeup, but also paying for products in the kit as well.

• Time
The time that a bridal makeup artist spends with a bride is not the only time spent for her appointment, but travel time, set up or take down of kit and time spent cleaning, sanitizing as well as preparing for a client. Makeup artists works for many hours about 8 hours straight without a single stop for something to eat or stop at the bathroom. When he or she finished makeup the artist is completely tired and hungry, and this is not a good combination for him or her.

• Luxury And Travel

Having your wedding makeup artist come out to your home or marriage venue is a luxury. Many makeup artists are not mobile as well as will not budge on their policy of travel. Doing bridal makeup in a busy room with full of girls getting ready, children running around as well as a heck of various distractions is not easy. In addition to this, the bad lighting in the room, the lack of space and the small stool the artist having to go down on his / her knees in front of to complete your makeup. You can know how difficult job it can be for an artist to get it just right. This is your day, so the artist here to make it memorable and all he or she can to make sure that happens as easily as possible.

Selecting a makeup artist who is properly insured can save you load of heartache must anything goes wrong at the last minute. Besides, it is always good to be safer than to be sorry, and any makeup artist who is careful and serious about his expertise will have back, and clients’ backs sheltered.