Top 3 Shower Curtains for the Social Media Junkie

Shower Curtains

For many, the shower curtain is the one place in the whole house that can be as ridiculously quirky as we are. The shower curtain chosen may be a bold accent to the bathroom decor , a subtle nod to an interest or an outrageous conversation piece. These top shower curtains are conversation pieces and fun additions to any home.

Social … Facebook Shower Curtain

Are you a Facebook fanatic? Is your kid always logged on? Is your roommate a sucker for social media? Then this shower curtain is for you! This shower curtain “Lives in the Bathroom” and is “In a relationship with Limescale”. Providing a window, for your head and shoulders, the profile picture is ever changing depending which pose you strike. This shower curtain is perfect for your college housing or your high schooler’s bathroom—we all know facebook is everywhere. I wonder if Toilet Paper sent a friend request? One new notification, you have an awesome shower curtain!

ShowerTub … YouTube Shower Curtain

Do you sing in the shower? Have you had your 15 seconds of YouTube fame? No, no I’m not suggesting you record it and blast it into the perpetual internet. This “ShowerTub” curtain lets you sing your heart out without the threat of your creation lasting forever. Featuring over 5 million views, this shower curtain is the perfect venue for you belt it out those Celine Dion songs. If you’re not a singer, do you have a roommate or family member who sings? Maybe this is the perfect way to say “Hey, we can hear you! Keep it up!’

iShower … iPhone Shower Curtain

So maybe you’re not into facebook… but do you love your iPhone? If so, we’ve got the perfect shower curtain for you too. This curtain keeps all of your apps organized for you, “Lather” “Blow Dry” and “Rubber Ducky” are just a few. Anyone attempting to swipe this pane over for the next will be in for a great surpise when they find… you (presumably naked). Unlike the iPhone, this curtain doesn’t require charging or iOS updates.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat

After you have all your awesome shower curtain, grab your rubber ducky and your washcloth and rub-a-dub-dub!