Top 3 Used Paintball Guns for Sale

Buying used paintball guns is probably the best way to go if you want to get a cheap marker for sale, and luckily since this hobby is so popular, they are usually not too difficult to find. The biggest issue you may run into when purchasing second hand paintball markers is the fact that some of them are not the best in terms of quality. If you buy from a private seller, there’s a good chance the used paintball gun will have some damage or missing components; however, the models reviewed here are sold through Amazon, which is a very reputable retail outlet, so you shouldn’t have to worry about getting a poor quality marker.

The Best Used Paintball Guns for Sale – 2012

Used Tippmann Paintball Guns for Sale

Tippmann A-5 Basic Marker

Used: $120
Refurbished: $160

Tippmann is an excellent brand name and anytime you can get a hold of one of their inexpensive models, it’s usually a great investment. The A-5 Basic is a very good example of this as these used paintball guns under $200 come with a plethora of cool features and components. Some of them include a patented cyclone feed system for more efficient firing and feeding, a .68 caliber receiver with open-bolt blow-back, an 8.5-inch high performance stone-honed barrel, and a shock absorbing end-cap for reduced wear and recoil. For such a cheap price, that’s a lot of stuff. There is even more, too, as they also come with a full one-year warranty on missing or defective parts, and a package of extras like an allen wrench set, market lubricant, a cleaning cable and a barrel sleeve. Considering all of these generous features, you should clearly see why the Tippmann A-5 Basics are a top choice when it comes to used paintball guns for sale, and if you opt for the refurbished model, it’s almost like having a brand new marker.

Used Fully-Automatic Paintball Guns for Sale

Smart Parts Ion Paintball Gun

Used: $150
Refurbished: N/A

Here is a model made by Smart Parts which is a popular brand for anyone on a budget, and the fact that we are discussing second-hand paintball markers makes it even more affordable. The Ion has multiple firing modes and an amazing firing rate accompanied by a break-beam Vision anti-chop system. All you need is one allen wrench to remove the bolt sleeve, the bolt and bolt-stop from the marker’s rear thanks to its all new Bolt-Out-Back design. One of the best things about these used paintball guns for sale is the fact that they are fully-automatic with a maximum firing rate of 10 BPS, which is extremely generous for being such a cheap marker.

Used Semi-Automatic Paintball Guns for Sale

Tippmann Model 98

Used: $75
Refurbished: N/A

Being the cheapest on the list, the Model 98 by Tippmann is actually almost just as good as either of the previously reviewed markers. They feature a sturdy finish and an aluminum die-cast receiver, as well as an ergonomic design that provides faster shooting abilities. These semi-automatic used paintball guns under $100 also come with a forearm grip that is removable and is compatible with vertical mounts for expansion chambers or a vertical tank. With a quick-release elbow for easier cleaning, a braided stainless steel gas line, an internal linkage arm and a velocity adjustment screw, the Tippmann Model 98 is no doubt more than just a decent used paintball gun for sale, but in fact are one of the best that money can buy.

The markers reviewed in this article will eventually be sold out, and while I will try my hardest to keep it current, you may have to choose a different model. Luckily, Amazon has tons of used paintball guns for sale, so you should have problems finding another marker with good ratings and a nice, cheap price!