Top 4 Lies You’ve Been Telling Yourself When in Bird Watch

Enjoying Mother Nature is around the corner! If you are hyped to go out and enjoy different creatures, then bird watching would be your best bet! You’ll surely enjoy the sceneries. Who would not be amazed, especially when you got to see them fly, eat and mingle with one another?!

Since it involves nature, bird watching is an activity that you got to enjoy while having your time to relax. Yes, watching birds doesn’t need to be that demanding, you just have to enjoy what’s in front of you. Birding is definitely fun when you know that you are doing it correctly.

Unfortunately, most people, if not all, especially to those who are new, have these misconceptions when it comes to bird watching. Well yes, there are certain things that you need to know and follow for you to have a successful bird watch.

Here are some lies that you know and you need to stop doing it!

1. It is ok to use cell phones
Well technically yes. What it is not ok is to use your cell phones all the time while watching the birds. Especially when you turn on your phones out loud, it is going to be a no-no. The birds are easily be distracted, and they have the tendency to move from place to place when they know that the people are watching are already disturbing them.

As much as possible, you have to keep your phones away if you want the birds to stay on the spot that you are watching.

2. It is ok to ignore their habitat
As a birder, you always have to remember that you are entering their turf. You don’t have the right to make any unnecessary noise and movements. You have to respect them as a living creatures, especially when the birds are resting and/or eating.

Moreover, you have to make sure that you only stay on your designated area where you have to watch for you not to disturb them.

3. It is ok not have a closer look on the birds
You will definitely miss your chance to have an enjoyable moment of your life. If you think that you don’t have the right and a good spot to have a clearer view on the birds, you have to tell and ask the person who is in charge of the place that you need to have a good spot for you to enjoy the sceneries.

In asking, make sure you ask them politely for as not to create your own scene on the place and disturb the birds.

4. It is ok not to ask and know about what birds really are
Only in asking you can understand and appreciate the birds more. The more you ask, the more knowledge you can get. With that, you will know why birds fly, on how they got to feed their babies and on how they mingle with the other birds.

Isn’t is just amazing that you got to understand different birds with different personalities?! It is a fun thing to do, indeed!