Top 4 Things That Should Be Present in a Wedding Feast

The wedding!

The most awaited event of the year should be without fail! Every wedding is the best and memorable event in the lives of the bride and groom. Agree? It should be! That is why, there must be a careful plan before and after the wedding. From the settings to the wedding caterer, everything should be perfect!
Usually, the wedding organizers are the one who do all the planning, that of course, with the knowledge of the bride. However, there are brides who are hands on when it comes to their wedding. They wanted it to have a personal touch when it comes to the things that will be happening during and after the wedding. Their wedding, their rules!
Sometimes, there are important things that have been overlooked by the bride due to her busy schedules piling up here and there. Well, having a checklist would definitely be a must to make sure everything is in order, and for as not to forget the important things. These things below are one of the important things that must be included in your checklist.
1. Personal touch
Basically, a wedding event can’t function without any careful planning. I’m sure, you don’t want to have a wedding ceremony where you don’t like the way it was arranged, the theme of your wedding doesn’t match your taste and/or the flow of the programme is not organized. That is going to be a one hell of a wedding!
Having a personal touch and being hands on when it comes to the flow of your wedding is definitely a must. You have to know what excites and inspires you the most, and bring it to life at your wedding. It doesn’t need to be that extravagant, for as long as you know that it is going to be a perfect time of your life. Make it simple yet elegant enough for you to be proud of!
2. Host and Coordinator
Technically speaking, though most brides wanted to be hands on in their wedding, they still cannot do it all alone. Can you imagine the bride entertaining the guests while the ceremony is on-going? Nope. Definitely a no-no!
Brides need to have someone who can help her in the day of the wedding ceremony. In choosing the right host, he/she must possess the right quality of the voice and knows how to speak. On the other hand, the coordinator must know every flow of the program for as not to be confused on what to do next. These two people must coordinate with each other to make a perfect flow of the wedding.
3. Dance/games
We all know that the wedding ceremony is the time for the bride and groom. However, one of the many ways you can make your audience entertained and alive is making them involve in your event. Without the dance, games and other special activities that also involve the audience or the guest, the wedding will going to be boring, and you don’t want that to happen in your special day. Right?!
Of course, you should choose the game that would fit for the wedding event. There are certain games that you can do to make your guest participate in the event. Also, the right music would really matter. Especially when it comes to the dance, selecting the right song would create and make the mood for the moment.
4. Wedding cater
The wedding would definitely not be complete when you don’t have a good wedding caterer. People say, one of the many ways you can impress your guests is through their stomach. We all do agree, right?! That is why, you have to be careful in selecting the right wedding caterer.
Before deciding on what kind of wedding caterer, you have to know their offers. You have the right to ask them if they have a specialty when it comes to the food that you wanted them to include. Also, don’t forget to ask their service fee. If they are expensive enough for you, then you have to scout for another wedding caterer that is affordable without compromising the taste of the food.
Want to have a successful wedding event of the year? Then choose wisely on the things that you are going to do before and after the wedding. Don’t rush things for you to come up with a better strategy on your wedding day. Cheers!