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Top 5 Awesome Websites for Free Money


In this economy no one wants to turn their nose up at the opportunity to make free money. There are so many get rich quick schemes being advertised it can be hard to imagine something where you don’t have to pay in order to earn a little cash. These awesome websites offer exactly that; free money with no money down. These top 5 websites will help put a dent in any outstanding bills you have for the month or just buy a few extra groceries when money gets tight.


BeRuby is one of the most awesome websites for someone to make a little extra money. Even the average Joe, with no experience making money online. BeRuby pays you for browsing your favorite websites, pays for signing up to use free websites and gives rebates when you shop online. This site is especially great during the holiday season, when not only do you make money back on the purchases you were going to make anyway, but BeRuby offers unique coupon codes for even better discounts.

Pinecone Research

Many survey companies promise to pay big bucks for completing short and simple surveys, but the simple face is, you are rejected for most surveys, spend 30 minutes or more doing a survey for little or absolutely no money, or spend an hour answering repetitive questions for peanuts. Pinecone Research is different, making it an awesome website for surveys. You will never be rejected after starting a survey, the pay is always $3, most surveys are under 15 minutes and free samples may be mailed to you for testing.


Possibly one of the most awesome websites to start earning hobby money from online. CloudCrowd will never pay your bills, but there is always a steady stream of work that requires various types of expertise, or no expertise at all. Kick back and relax with a movie while earning some easy money.


If you want to dive into awesome websites that could potentially become full-time jobs, Squidoo may be the place to cut your teeth. Squidoo offers a sleek layout, makes it easy to layout webpages that offer text, Youtube videos, photos, music, etc. and allows you to create webpages about any topic that interests you. The best webpages are paid from an ad pool so there’s no stress to learn about ads or ad value. You can put all your attention on your topic and what you want your audience to know.


You may not be able to earn direct cash on Listia, but you can use the free credits you earn just for visiting the website to bid on gift cards, prepaid Visa cards and much more. This is one of the most awesome websites to offer freebies and giveaways with an eBay style bidding process. Best of all, there’s no work required on your part to get these great freebies.

Top 5 Awesome Websites for Free Money
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