Business Careers Top 5 basic part time jobs students can take

Top 5 basic part time jobs students can take

Ways that could help you to earn side incomes if you have so much free time. Gaining new job experiences through this.


Planning to work but still studying? Not a problem! Nowadays, students can work and study at the same time! In fact, it is a norm for most students to apply for a part time job while studying either in university or high school. But it also varies from country to country. Country such as United Kingdom, bans foreign students from working there. Certain countries like Malaysia allows foreignstudents to work provided if they are efficient of course. It is obvious that students could not take any full time jobs due to the fact that they have exams or subjects to focus on too and unfortunately most businesses are finding staffs that could work full time with them. That is because working part time is such a hassle for them to arrange the time the students could and could not work. Then again, there are also a few part time jobs that any students could try and take! Such part time jobs are:

  1. Top 5 basic part time jobs students can take
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    Working as a part time teacher! Tuition teachers is always in need of and anyone who is 18 years old and above could try and apply for any part time teacher (Depending on which subject of expertise you can handle). Besides, working as a teacher does not only pays you but you could also meet more friends and more students that could occupy your time.

  2. Top 5 basic part time jobs students can take
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    Become a mystery shopper! I do admit that finding a job as a mystery shopper is hard! There is once where I have been searching through the internet for that job for weeks but could not find any until my cousin introduce me to a website called GapBuster. Besides that website, there is a lot more that you can find, you just need to type in the correct sentence! Moreover, mystery shopping is indeed fun! It will be a new experience from working as that and also you it helps you to improve your social skills because most of these jobs requires shoppers to communicate.

  3. Top 5 basic part time jobs students can take
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    Be a part time marker! In case if you do not know what I meant by that, a part time marker is someone who could help anyone especially any teachers to help mark their student’s paper or essays! Still, you could find some of this jobs online but it is hard too. I managed to find this job through recommendation from a friend and the reason that the teacher couldn’t help mark is that she was totally busy with another job that she secretly do even though she is not supposed to. Well, what matters is that it pays right??? The pay that you would get varies people to people.

  4. Top 5 basic part time jobs students can take
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    A freelance author! This is the most common jobs that could get online and all you need is a good English and some free time! Such job is indeed suitable for most students or anyone who is not working. Everyone could easily become an author if they are willing to try! Such sites that I could recommend is Seekyt, an old website that contributes to writing but currently taking over by new management. Definitely could give it a try! People who are lazy or wanted to do something that is easy and provides quick cash, then probably becoming an author was a bad suggestion.

  5. Top 5 basic part time jobs students can take
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    Have your very own carwash shop! That’s right! Your very own shop just outside your house! You could always earn some money by washing some cars! All you need for this a hose, pail, carwash soap, sponge and also pipe that leads to water. You can always start off by promoting your very own carwash shop through Social Medias and the internet for free! What a better way to earn some side incomes right? Moreover, you could also exercise all your fats away by doing these physical activities.

There are more part time jobs that students can take other than these if anyone does not like or approve with it. But these are some that you could try when you have much free time that you do not know what to do with it. Life is short, make full use with it by doing something that could benefit you and also earn you some side incomes.

Top 5 basic part time jobs students can take
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