Top 5 Basic Skateboarding Tricks and How to Do Them – This Year's

Top 5 Basic Skateboarding Tricks and How to Do Them

You may be wondering about this year’s top 5 basic skateboarding tricks and how to do them. Before engaging yourself in these kinds of stunts, you should have conditioned your body. This is because in order to perfect these tricks, you’ll need optimum balancing skills and body coordination. Thus, it is essential that one have perfected all basic skateboarding drills and exercises. With that being said, here are today’s top 5 basic skateboarding stunts or tricks that you can learn and practice.
Top 5 Basic skateboarding tricks and how to do them

  • Ollie and Fakie Ollie – Ollie is a basic skateboarding trick considered to be a foundation of almost every trick in skateboarding. Once you’ve mastered the Ollie; the Fakie Ollie and Nollie will be easier since these tricks have identical moves. To do the Ollie, you will need correct timing and proper foot placement since in this trick you will jig your skateboard in the air. Basically, to do this, you need to knock down you skateboard’s tail while sliding your front foot up in a jumping manner. It’s simple right? Now, to do the Fakie, the same steps are applied. However, instead of forward direction, you will do the Ollie rolling backwards.
  • Kickflip – Another basic skateboarding trick based on the Ollie trick is the Kickflip. In doing this, the same procedures as the Ollie are applied. However, while on the air, you have to twist your skateboard. Thus, you have to master the Ollie first before moving on to this skateboard trick.
  • Manual – The manual is simple classic skateboard trick you would enjoy learning. To do this, you have to raise your board’s front wheels off the ground while rolling. At the same time, your board’s end should not touch the ground as well.
  • Boneless One – To start the boneless one, place your front foot on the ground heel side of your board. Afterwards, reach and hold your board’s side edge, lift it up and jump as high as you can. While in the air bring your front foot back and bend your back knee. Your momentum will then guide you forward. For landing, apply the same landing you do in the Ollie trick.
  • Kickturns – This is another must know basic skateboard trick like the Ollie and Boneless One. To do this, balance yourself on top of the board in a standing position. You can raise you arms sideward to support you balancing stance. Your back foot should be at the boards end while your front foot should be parallel with the board’s front wheels. Concentrate your weight in your back foot and swing around your board’s front edge.


Other highly recommended skateboard tricks are Rock and Roll, Board Slides, 50-50 grinds and many more. You can seek an expert’s help for more stunts and tricks you can perform. Just keep in mind that these basic skateboarding tricks require ample practice to perfect it. You may fall dozens of times but don’t give up. Endurance, patience and strength are essential to master the craft of skateboarding. With that being said, the top 5 basic skateboarding tricks and how to do them are presented to you.