Top 5 Bedbug Myths

Bedbugs are one form of pests that are a household name. Although there are many true statements floating around about bedbugs, most are just myths. Here are the top five common bedbug myths.

1. Bedbugs Only Attack You in Your Bed at Night

Bedbugs are nocturnal. However, they can and will bite you at any time. They feed off blood so when they are hungry, and there is blood around, they will attack. Keeping the lights on at all times will not keep them dormant.

2. Bedbugs are Only in Urban and Unsanitary Communities

Bedbugs do not have a Google Map locator. They do not care where they are or who they attack. Bedbugs have been found in five-star hotels, wealthy individual homes, and in poverty stricken areas. Bedbugs travel and are most comfortable in luggage, purses, and although rare, they will hitch a short ride via a person’s clothing. The more cluttered an area, the easier for them to hide.

The reason bedbugs are so prevalent in low-income housing areas is because of the lack of funds to properly eliminate these pests. Bedbugs can be quite difficult to rid as common pesticides such as foggers and sprays do not work. Also, trying to raise the temperature to extreme heat or cold settings will not work. You must expose them to these temperatures for a substantial period.

3. Bedbugs Only Live on Your Bed and Mattress

This is another myth. Bedbugs are called so because they tend to feed on humans while they are sleeping. However, they can and will attack at any time and any place.

When you are at home during the day, you move about a lot. Some people do not even notice when a bedbug has attacked. So they could be feeding off you while you are dining at the table or watching television on the couch. In certain conditions, you can find bedbugs on general chairs, railings, and the ceilings in your home.

4. If I Get Rid Of My Bedbug Infested Clothing and Furniture, I Won’t Have a Bedbug Problem
Unfortunately, this will not eliminate your problem. In fact, you can treat your clothing and furniture to rid bedbugs by a professional exterminator. However, bedbugs can reside in any crevice of your home. They tend to prefer dark areas. So just removing clothing and furniture you’ve seen a bedbug on does not mean they are ridded from your home.

5. Bedbugs Cause and Spread Diseases

Bedbugs aren’t known to cause and spread disease. However, it should not be totally ruled out. If they do contract something, it’s possible they could spread it via their feces if you were to get it in an open wound.

Bedbugs affect some, while having no effect on other individuals. Their bites may irritate your skin. You may lose sleep or have anxiety attacks from worrying about bedbugs.

Bedbugs resemble many other pests. If you do believe you’ve encountered one, contact a professional immediately to find out the best course of action.