Top 5 Best Cheap DC Shoes 2011-2012

In the world of skateboarding, DC shoes have long been considered some of the best skate trainers you can buy, but unfortunately they are not normally looked at as being cheap. In fact, DC shoes are some of the more expensive brands of skateboarding sneakers available, but that hasn’t stopped them from becoming one of the most recognized and popular footwear companies in the world. Skateboarders of all ages love these skate trainers for their awesome stylish looks, superb comfort and the fact that there are so many different models to choose from.

Cheap DC shoes are not the easiest to find but there are quite a few nice pairs out there worth considering. The best skate trainers are usually priced around $70 but can also be as high as $90 or more. In this article we are going to review a list of the most popular DC shoes in 2012 that are priced below $60. This price range is affordable when compared to the average price and you will also notice that many of these skateboarding sneakers are even under $50 or less on Amazon.

The Best Cheap DC Shoes for Sale 2011-2012

Men’s Court Graffik SE

Regular Price: $60

For so many years now, the Court Graffik SE has been one of the highest-selling pairs of skate trainers that this company produces, so it’s no surprise to see it on this list. The Court Graffik SE comes with the classic logo embossed on the back quarter panel and a wide variety of colors including black, white, brown, gray as well as several combinations of those colors, plus others like green, plaid, blue and red. These particular DC shoes are for men, but they also have a Court Graffik SE for women and for kids too. Each pair is made with heavy-duty leather and suede with sticky rubber outsoles, foam-padded tongues and collars, and a soft tricot padding for added comfort.

Men’s Pure SE

Regular Price: $60

Much like the previously mentioned pair of cheap DC shoes, the Pure SE is another classic model that has been popular for years and remains one of the company’s best-selling mens, womens and kids skate trainers even in 2012, but the sneakers linked above are for men. Regardless of what gender you buy them for, the Pure SE is a great option thanks to it’s stylish looks and superior comfort. There are dozens of different color combinations to choose from with these DC shoes such as black/white, black/white/gray, black/blue/white, black/plaid/white, and so many more. They each have the brand’s logo embossed on the outside middle panel and are made with tough leather and suede. The Pure SE is extra comfortable due to the perforated panel and foam-padded collar and tongue, and the fit is nice and snug from the elastic tongue holder.

Men’s Villain TX

Regular Price: $50

The Villain TX is a bit different than the other cheap DC shoes for sale that have been reviewed thus far, and that is because they are more of a leisurely pair of sneakers rather than skate trainers. These are slip-on style casuals are made with a soft textile for added comfort as well as soft tricot breathable fabric linings and a cushioned footbed. In case you do want to do a little skateboarding in your Villain TX sneakers, they are made with a durable, abrasion-resistant rubber outsole to keep them from getting too worn down from the skateboard’s grip tape. Perhaps the most unique thing about these DC shoes is the fact that they are all made with plaid fabric, but you can still choose from a wide range of colors including black, gray, white and even blue, green, red and several other combinations of each.

Women’s Chelsea Zero Lows

Regular Price: $40

Since all of the other skate trainers on this list are for men, I figured I would throw one in specifically for girls. These are some of the best DC shoes for women not only because of how inexpensive they are, but also because of all the different styles and colors that are available. You can buy them in pink, blue, white, green, purple, plaid, and more. The Chelsea Zero lows are bright, colorful and stylish, but they are also quite comfortable. This is largely due to the lightweight canvas construction, vent holes in the upper sections for increased airflow, a die-cut EVA insole and a textile tongue and footbed.

Men’s Court Vulc

Regular Price: $40

As far as cost goes, the Court Vulc is probably the best option here. In many cases when you buy DC shoes for this cheap you end up sacrificing quality in the process, but not with these skate trainers. The Court Vulc is made with durable and tough leather or suede and come with abrasion-resistant rubber outsoles. Each pair has a large logo embroidered on the back panel in large print, complimenting the slim and sleek style of the sneakers themselves. You can find them in several colors like black/red, black/white and blue/white to name just a few.

As you can see, there are plenty of nice cheap DC shoes available and each one is unique in its own way, making them desirable to skateboarders with any type of style preference. This footwear company has proven many times over the years that they are among the best brands and for good reason. DC shoes have been around for several years now, and much like their big competitors Vans and Osiris, it doesn’t look as if they have any plans to slow down in 2012.