Top 5 Best Cheap Designer Handbags 2012 – Authentic Wholesale in Italy Paris New York

The top 5 best cheap designer handbags for 2012 are as successful as they are not because industry heads say they are, but because customers who have purchased them say they are. The best way to find the true best deals on designer handbags is to look to actual customer reviews. The reviews of people who spent their hard earned money and actually used a product are always going to be more insightful than a review on a professional reviews website. In this article we take a look at the top 5 affordable designer handbags as ranked by customer reviews.

5 – Designer Inspired London Office: Tote in Ostrich Finish

Opting for wholesale bags and totes instead of actual brands can result in you getting some great handbags at great prices. This particular handbag from Amazon comes in six different colours of faux leather. Combined with the gold clasps and lock accents this handbag looks like a $500 handbag but it only costs less than $60. This particular handbag is 16-inches long by 12-inches high so it makes for the perfect under-arm or hand-held handbag while still having plenty of room for a purse and personal items. This handbag has been extremely well reviewed by customers with it receiving an average review score of 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon over 38 customer reviews. Customers commonly mentioned the high quality faux leather, sturdy design and the expensive look of the bag.

4 – Vera Bradley Carry It All Wristlet Handbag

This wristlet style handbag is one of the top cute designer handbags on the market today. This particular design comes in 17 different colours and prints giving it incontestable variety of choice. The wristlet design of Vera Bradley’s latest designer handbags is great for people that are trying to maintain a minimalist outfit and cannot stand the idea of carrying a more bulky handbag around. This style of handbag is designed to carry your phone, ID cards, bank cards, money and a small amount of makeup (mascara, for example) all in one neat and tidy bundle. Customers who reviewed this product loved the design and it has received an average score of 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon as a result.

3 – Designer Inspired Oversized ‘Arizzo’ Handbag

At the opposite end of the size preference spectrum is the oversized designer handbag. This is for the person that wants to take everything they might possibly need with them while remaining fashionable. This handbag comes in 11 different pastel covers and features an optional shoulder strap for when you are carrying a lot of things and need the extra weight bearing capabilities. 55 customer reviews on Amazon place this handbag at 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon, an impressive score for a non-designer brand handbag. This is one of the best deals on designer handbags you will find too at under $50.

2 – Vera Bradley Villager Handbag

Here we have the newest designer handbag from Vera Bradley, the ‘Villager’. The Villager handbag is a quilted floral piece that comes in a huge number of prints and colour choices. It features a back outside zip pocket and a magnetic snap lock front section. This bag is cotton and, as a result it is easy to wash – a problem that many other bag designs face. This bag has received a perfect review score on Amazon but because it hasn’t had enough time to fully prove itself yet it only comes in at number 2 on the list of the top five cheap cute designer handbags.

1 – Belvah Quilted Floral Large Tote bag & Back Pack

One of the best deals on designer handbags comes from Amazon in the form of Belvah’s large quilted tote bags. Surprisingly, this is also one of the cheapest options on the list. This handbag comes in print and colour options and is the perfect size for carry on airplane luggage. This handbag features simple quilted floral fabric, a detachable silk ribbon accent and zip inner pocket for items that you need to keep secure. This piece rated extremely well on Amazon with 4.9 out of 5 stars over 14 reviews. Everyone who bought this bag loved it and, as a result, it comes in as number one of the top 5 best cheap designer handbags 2012.