Top 5 Best Cheap Etnies Shoes 2011-2012

Etnies shoes were first founded in the 1980s, and ever since then they have been considered by many to be some of the best skate trainers available today. The only problem is that most of this brand’s sneakers are not very cheap, but that is also a testament to their quality, style, and overall reputation. In 2012, Etnies shoes can now be bought not only for men, but also for kids and for women.

As mentioned, these skate trainers are normally expensive compared to competing brands like Vans and Fallen. They can be grouped into the same price ranges, on average, with other top skateboarding sneakers companies such as Osiris and DC. That being said, every brand of skate trainers does have a lineup of affordable models, and luckily there are a decent amount of cheap Etnies shoes on sale, and in this article we are going to discuss the best options to choose from in 2012.

The Best Cheap Etnies Shoes for Men and Women 2012

Cheap Etnies Barge Skate Shoes for Men

Men’s Barge LS

Average Cost: $45 – $50

The Barge LS is a basic-looking pair of skate trainers, but they pack a ton of great features surrounding comfort that definitely makes up for their somewhat bland design. These Etnies shoes are made with a combination of suede and tough canvas. They also come with a soft textile lining the helps keep moisture away and allows them to be a bit more breathable. One of the features that make the Barge skateboarding sneakers so comfortable is the STI Foam Lite 1 footbed. This is an Etnies shoes patented design that no other brand has ownership too. In terms of durability, the Barge LS skate trainers have vulcanized construction and a 400 NBS rubber outsole.

Cheap Etnies Fader Skate Shoes for Men

Men’s Fader 1.5

Average Cost: $45 – $60

The Fader is a classic model of cheap Etnies shoes that has been popular for several years and always affordable. These skate trainers are constructed with durable suede or action leather and come in a variety of colors and designs including white, black, green and gray, and each come with the large logo on the back panel in varying colors as well. They have a soft padded tongue and collar for extra support and a textile line with an STI Foam Level 2 cushioning footbed. The footbed has heel support to help with shock absorption, and the internal EVA midsole gives plenty of support for your feet while skateboarding. The Fader 1.5 is also a durable pair of Etnies shoes with the 400 NBS rubber outsole which also aids with traction and control during flip tricks.

Cheap Etnies Izzy Skate Shoes for Women

Women’s Izzy

Average Cost: $55

Now we come to a model specially for the ladies. The Izzy’s are very popular cheap Etnies shoes, and for good reason. They come in a wide range of styles, colors, and designs, allowing women to have a unique pair that most likely none of their friends will ever have. The Izzy skate trainers for girls are made with suede, leather, synthetic nubuck, or nubuck leather and fabric uppers, depending on which model you choose. They have a thinly padded tongue and collar for a snug, yet comfortable fit, and an EVA cushioned footbed for added comfort. If you are a female skateboarder, these are some of the best Etnies shoes on sale for you. This is due to the impact-absorbing polyurethane midsole, 400 NBS rubber outsole and durable, vulcanized construction.

Cheap Etnies Caprice Skate Shoes for Women

Women’s Caprice Sneaker

Average Cost: $36 – $40

Here is another top-rated pair of cheap Etnies shoes for women, not only because they are extremely affordable skate trainers, but also because of their casual style and various color options including black and white stripes, black, white, white/blue, purple, blue, teal, gray, and more. The Caprice’s are quite comfortable skateboarding sneakers as well, with the deconstructed canvas fabric uppers the seem to just form to your feet. In addition to that, there is the EVA cushioned footbed and shock-absorbing midsole. At only about $40, it’s no wonder why these are considered some of the best skate trainers for women.

Cheap Etnies Wraith Skate Shoes for Men

Men’s Wraith

Average Cost: $30 – $50

Finally we come the the Wraith for men. These are a favorite for a lot of skateboarders and even those who don’t skate but like the style of Etnies shoes. Each model comes with a different design and some of them have really cool graphics. Created by pro skater Deegan Wraith, these skate trainers are built to be tough and durable and hold up to the abuse of skateboarding while also being priced at an affordable cost. The Wraith sneakers feature leather or nubuck uppers, soft textile lining with moisture wicking, the Etnies shoes’ patented STI Foam Lite level 1 footbed, a 400 NBS rubber traction outsole and an EVA midsole for superior cushioning, support and comfort.

As you can see, not all of this brand’s skate trainers are expensive, and all of these inexpensive models are great pairs of skateboarding sneakers to consider for both men and women in 2012. After reading through these reviews, you should have no trouble finding a great pair of cheap Etnies shoes!