News Top 5 Best Cheap Osiris Shoes 2011-2012

Top 5 Best Cheap Osiris Shoes 2011-2012


When it comes to skate trainers, Osiris shoes are among the best on the market in 2012, and getting them for a cheap price is something that just about every shopper wants to do. This isn’t only because people generally like to save money, but also because it can be difficult to get a good deal on cheap Osiris shoes considering that they are known to be an expensive brand of skateboarding sneakers. Other than DC, Etnies and couple of others, Osiris shoes are actually among some of the priciest skate trainers available.

On average, most Osiris shoes cost between $60 and $80, and there are even a few models that cost up to $90 or more. what most skateboarders would consider cheap is anything less than $50, and many of the sneakers featured on this list are well below that price range, although a couple of them are just under $60. All of these Osiris shoes are high selling sneakers with plenty of positive customer reviews.

The Best Cheap Osiris Shoes for Sale 2011-2012

Caswell VLC

Regular Price: $55

First on the list is the Caswell VLC Signature Series skate trainers. This model is made with canvas and suede material and have a very basic design to them unlike many of the more expensive flashy pairs of skateboarding sneakers. These Osiris shoes are cheap, durable, and have a great track-record. They come with vulcanized sole construction with an EVA midsole drop and vulc wrap which allows for maximum comfort and support. The outer part of the Caswell VLC is tough and durable, made with an abrasion-resistant rubber outsole and reinforced high abrasion areas in the upper section. Overall, easily one of the best Osiris shoes out there, regardless of price.


Regular Price: $35

The 1904 is a classic model of Osiris shoes and are definitely the cheapest pair of skate trainers on this list at just under $40. These skateboarding sneakers come in a variety of colors and are somewhat reminiscent of the classic Vans Eras or Converse footwear. The 1904 comes in a variety of solid colors including red, black and gray, and are made with canvas material. Like most other Osiris shoes, they also have the vulcanized sole construction and EVA midsole as well as the abrasion-resistant rubber outsoles for superior durability.

Chino Low

Regular Price: $50

These skateboarding sneakers have been popular for years and remain one of the higher-selling models that this company produces. The Chino Lows come in two styles: leather and suede. They are also available in several colors, but they are nothing too fancy. And just like the other cheap Osiris shoes on this list, the Chino Low features the extra-tough outsole and super comfortable vulcanized sole construction with EVA midsole.


Regular Price: $50

This model is a bit more flashy in design than the other four cheap Osiris shoes reviewed so far. Instead of the basic solid color, the Decay has a two-tone color combination with quite a few different styles to choose from including red/gray/white, black/tan/white, and blue/black/white. That being said, there are also a few pairs that do have the basic solid colors, which helps its cause being listed as one of the best skate trainers in 2012 for such an affordable price. Not that it needs to be mentioned, but the Decay does include the same insole and outsole features as all Osiris shoes.


Regular Price: $40

Finally we come to the Relic, one of the cheapest models of skateboarding sneakers this brand has at only $40. The Relic has some unique features to it that the other skate trainers listed don’t possess, for both comfort and durability. For one, not only does it have the classic EVA midsole but also a heel insert for extra support and comfort and the soft-molded EVA insole has a full latex covering for added durability and a nicer fit. These may be some cheap Osiris shoes in terms of price, but they are definitely durable enough to hold up to the abuse of skateboarding. They were made specifically for skaters so they reinforced the high-abrasion areas to make them last longer.

These are all widely considered by skateboarders of every type to be the best cheap Osiris shoes for 2012. Many of these affordable skate trainers have been around for over a decade while others are relatively new, but they all have two things in common: their low price and their high quality. Only a few other companies like Fallen and Vans are able to share these traits consistently.

Top 5 Best Cheap Osiris Shoes 2011-2012
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