Top 5 Best Cheap Vans Shoes 2011-2012

Vans shoes are considered to be some of the best skate trainers in the world, not just for their cheap prices, but also for their amazing quality. This skateboarding footwear company has been around since the 1960s, and even now in 2012, cheap Vans shoes are extremely high in demand among skateboarders of all ages. Any skateboarder can tell you that the sneakers are one of — if not, THE — most important factor in the sport. Being a pioneer in the business of skate shoes, Vans has always been seen as a leader and producer of some of the best skate trainers on the market. They are known for their comfort and durability as well as being quite a bit more affordable than other top brands like Etnies, DC and Osiris.

The average cost of a pair of Vans shoes is about $60, so anything cheaper than $50 is a really good deal. Fortunately, there are dozens of models to choose from in this price range, and the list below should help give you an idea of which vans shoes are worth buying. Please note that the costs given are from the official website, and that when you buy them on sale from sites like Amazon, they are considerably less expensive.

The Best Cheap Vans Shoes for Sale 2011-2012

Chukka Low

Regular Price: $55

The Chukka Low is one of the top choices in part because it was designed by the skateboarding team and is a nice blend of the classic Authentics and the stylish Chukka Boots. Whether it’s Vans shoes for kids, men or women, they upgrade their models every season, and you can expect to see a new array of colors and designs in the upcoming year. For now, you have colors like solid black, black/gum, navy/black/white, black/blue and gray/black/white to name a few. The upper sections of the Chukka Low are made up suede and canvas, and the inner features a drop-in PU midsole which gives it unique aesthetics and comfort.


Regular Price: $50

The Atwood models are usually on sale for much less than $50 and are a pair of cheap Vans shoes that are pretty basic in design. There isn’t anything about these skate trainers that stand out too much, but they are known to be very durable and comfortable despite their lack of stylish or flashy designs. You can get the Atwood in a few different styles, though, including lows and mids, and each of them are made with a lightweight canvas and have comfortable, padded collars.

Old Skool

Regular Price: $55

Here is a classic pair of skateboarding sneakers that have been popular for a long time now and for good reason. These are some of the best Vans shoes for sale in 2012 thanks to their long-standing reputation as being durable, affordable, stylish and comfortable. What more could you ask for in a pair of skate trainers? The uppers are constructed from canvas or suede/canvas, depending on which particular model you buy. All of the Old Skools come with soft padded collars for comfort and cotton drill lining for superior breathability. These are also perfect Vans shoes for skateboarders due to their footbed feature which allows for better fit and maximum shock absorption, as well as a die-cut EVA insert for added support. You can choose from a wide range of colors including red/white/gray, black/white/gray, solid black, black/gum, and many more.


Regular Price: $50

The Authentics have been around for years and are not only loved by skateboarders but by anyone who enjoys the style and comfort of skate trainers. Being such a popular and wel-known pair of cheap Vans shoes for men and women, it’s a no-brainer why it is on this list. These classic skateboarding sneakers are lightweight and flexible, making them easy on your feet whether you’re wearing them for leisure or for actual skateboarding. They come with cotton drill lining, a gum rubber outsole, a vulcanized sole attachment, and a die-cut EVA insert all to improve and enhance comfort and durability.

106 Vulcanized

Regular Price: $50

Of all the cheap Vans shoes we have listed thus far, the 106 Vulcanized probably has the most color options to choose from. You can get basically any color you want in 2012, from red to green, and black to white. As one of the more stylish skate trainers this company produces for such an affordable price, they are also one of the more comfortable. This is largely due to their lightweight canvas and/or suede upper construction as well as the padded collar and footbed. Just like most of the Vans shoes on sale these days, they come with the sticky rubber outsole with the signature waffle tread and logo, and the patented vulcanized construction for superb durability.

All of the above models have great reputations amongst skateboarders of all ages and skill levels. Each pair of skate trainers featured here has plenty of positive customer reviews and can be found for the price listed or even less. Having a heads up on the best cheap Vans shoes will decrease your chances of getting a pair that you regret buying and increase your chances of saving the most money.