Top 5 Best Financial Loans Worth Getting

My top 5 best loans that I would consider getting would be a home loan, a home improvement loan, a used auto loan, a student loan and a consolidation load. My number one choice would be a home loan in the maximum amount of $150,000. I would love to upgrade my current home to something a little bigger with a bit more land. My second loan choice would be for home improvements so that I could make repairs on and upgrade my current home. I would need a maximum of $50,000 to the improvements I would like to make. A used auto loan in the amount of $23,000 would be my third choice so that I could get another car, preferably one that is newer than the family car we use now. I would like to get a student loan in the amount of $24,000 to finish my degree. My final choice would be a consolidation load with a maximum amount of $60,000. I would like to consolidate the home and auto loan that I have currently. – Ohio

My top 5 loans would be, in order: Consolidating student loans, Federal student loans, Startup business loans, Used auto loans, and Home mortgage loans. I believe that these are all important circumstances and some of the few in which loans should even be considered. For student loans, I would try to take out a maximum total of $10,000 and rely more heavily on financial aid support and scholarships. In startup business loans and home mortgage loans, I’d go to about $50,000, perhaps a little more, because a home and a business are both huge and life changing things. For a used auto loan, I would not wish to take out more than $15,000 but preferably a lot less because it would be a used car to begin with so shouldn’t be too pricey. Those are my top 5 loans and reasons behind them. – Los Angeles

My top 5 list of best loans would start with Christmas. I have six grand-children. They are getting older and their wants are getting more expensive. Secondly a home improvement loan for various things around the house that need fixed or replaced. I would like to go back to school so I would need a school loan. I need a new car so a car loan would be nice. Last but not least I would like to go to Bermuda for a couple of weeks for a long deserved vacation. These loans will greatly enhance my life and the entire family would also benefit. Loans have to be paid back but they are nice when needed for the important things in life. – Miami

Poor credit loans can be very helpful if you are careful in doing the research first. It’s a good way to build your credit, but you do have to watch for the loopholes, the interest rate and the time in which you have to pay it back. These loans can range from car loans, home improvement, medical, just about anything you would need a loan for. However, some of these loans have a very high interest rate, so that is something to carefully watch for. Especially with an auto loan. This would make payments higher and a longer time to pay it back. It is a good way to restart your credit. – Orlando

My top five loans would depend, of course, on the personal and financial profile of the borrower. The most important loan that most people can take out is for the purchase of a new home. It depends on the real estate market where a person lives, but in many cases the after-tax cost of buying a home is less than the cost of renting. Second for almost all people in the United States would be an automobile loan, because it helps spread the cash flow associated with an automobile over its life. Third on my list would be loans to start or expand a business, which can be important as a step to financial freedom. Closely related to business loans as my fourth choice are student loans, again because they can help a person take steps to a fuller life. Rounding out my list would be debt consolidation loans, because they can help people reduce the interest they pay on their accumulated debts, and in some cases can be tax deductible if secured by home equity. – Jacksonville