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Top 5 Best Gifts Ideas for a 3 Year Old


The best gifts for a 3 year old precede as follows. one would be a big wheel. this can provide exercise, fun, and help the step to a bike. a group of action figures are good. this can expand a the 3 year olds mind. a video game will provide fun for the 3 year old and help coordination. A basketball would help coordination as well as provide fun. a football will also provide coordination and exercise for the child. – Orlando

I would suggest LEGO as the best choice for the 3 year old. Large LEGO appropriate for 3 year old can stimulate brain activity as he/she interacts with making/building with the blocks. It’s just not a toy that a toddler sees and touch, but use and modify. Other toys I would recommend are large wooden blocks (with similar positiveness as LEGO), train set, a puzzle set, or anything related to outdoors (a ball is ALWAYS a good choice because setting a child to play outside at an early age would lead to healthier lifestyle). I would shy away from anything that related to weapons, war, or violence. Instead, anything that the child can touch and interact and use his/her imagination would make a great gift. Nothing has to be fancy because back in day, all you really needed was a ball and a field to have fun. – Boston

the best 5 best gifts for a 3 year old first a scooter every little kid has a scooter laptop or a computer just put on pbs channel on the computer usually kids are hooked dolls usually wwe clothes of course – Philadelphia

The best gifts for a 3-year old, in my opinion, would cover a vast array of situations. One of the top things I believe would be a great gift for a child of this age is a sand box. Sandboxes allow children to be outside, and they can play alone or with friends. They can be purchased around $50-$100. Another awesome gift for a 3-year old would be blocks. Blocks are a great “rainy day” toy, allowing the child to use their imagination and can either play alone or with other children. The price range for blocks can be anywhere from $5-$50 depending. Also I really like “The Letter Book” by VTech. It allows children ages 3-5 to learn vital reading skills while playing entertaining games. It is priced at $19.99. Another gift from VTech that I think is beneficial to promote learning is the “Follow Me Writer” priced at $9.74. Finally I would choose the “Giant Art Jar” priced at $ 27.00 which allows children to use their creativity. – Phoenix

The five best toys for a three year old should have a balance between education and play. One of the better toys is a picture book, this will enable the child to learn new words and could give them a jump start on their ability to read. Should be done with an adult. Price will to pay is $5.00. The next item should be sometype of doll whether it be male or female, again this will stimulate imagination. Price willing to pay $15.00. I also believe that physical activity is important for a child so possible a bat and ball set-t-ball set would be great. The price that I would be willing to pay is $20.00. At the age of three, children are still learning how to control their bodies. A tricycle gives a child a sense of freedom and helps with motor skills-price willing to pay is $40.00. Finally, might get the child sometype of life skills game where they have to play and they learn things about sharing or social skills. Price I am willing to pay is $20.00. – Dakota

The best gifts for a three year old are gifts that help to develop the child’s mind and body, (active gifts). A bike with training wheels is a good way to get kids outdoors from an early age. 25-50 piece puzzles are also good gifts because they keep the child’s mind active. Likewise, books are always a go-to gifts. Washable paints seem to always be a favorite also. The last gift that I think is the best for three year old children action figures/dolls, with these toys the children can spend hours expanding their mind with creative thought as they make up fun scenarios to play with their dolls/action figures. – Jacksonville

The best 5 gift ideas for a three year old, would be the following: first books, which are great for all ages, but especially appreciated by yougsters. The price of books could range anywhere from $2.00 to $20.00. Next would be blocks, which encourage imagination and whose options are limitless, for about $15.00. The third best and cheapest gift would be a coloring book and crayons, a ageless tradition, for $2.00. Fourth would be puzzles, age and size appropriate, of course, for around $5.00. Lastly a good gift idea for a three year old would be a nice fluffy stuffed animal, matching the particular child’s own iterests, for about $10.00. – New York

Top 5 Best Gifts Ideas for a 3 Year Old
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