Top 5 Best Kids DC Shoes 2011-2012

When it comes to youth skate trainers, kids DC shoes are widely considered to be the best, for both boys and girls. There are several reasons why these children’s skateboarding sneakers are so popular. For one, they are very stylish and films in a wide range of designs and colors.

Another great thing about them is that they are often modeled directly after the adult pairs of DC shoes, allowing kids to enjoy the same skate trainers as their favorite professional skateboarder or even just their older brother. This is very common among youth skateboarding sneakers from other brands like Vans, Osiris and Etnies, but this company has one of the largest selections of models.

Being that it’s 2012, kids DC shoes are more popular than ever and have tons of models to choose from for boys and girls. This brand has been making skate trainers for almost two decades now and the lists below are comprised of the best, most durable, stylish and comfortable pairs of DC shoes for kids, based on sales and reviews.

The Best Kids DC Shoes for Sale 2012

Kids DC Character Shoes for Boys

Youth Boys Character Sneakers

Average Price: $40

First on the list are the Character skate trainers which come in several colors from green, to blue, white and black. All come with the large embossed logo on the side and graphics for added style. These are a very popular pair of DC shoes for kids not only for their stylish design, but for their comfort as well. They have a soft tricot lining and a padded tongue and collar. However, perhaps the best features of the Character sneakers are around durability, making them great for skateboarders. This is due to their heavy-duty suede or soft action leather upper construction and an abrasion-resistant sticky rubber outsole.

Kids DC Turbo 2 Shoes for Boys

Youth Boys Turbo 2 Sneakers

Average Price: $40

The Turbo 2’s are a really good pair of kids DC shoes on sale for pretty cheap at only about $40. Like most of this brand’s other sneakers, they can be found in a wide variety of styles and color combinations. Some of them even have designs and patterns to choose from, but all of them have than nice, flashy logo embossed on the side with 3D detail. The Turbo 2 youth skate trainers are constructed from durable leather and have perforations on the vamp for extra breathability. They also include a soft textile lining and footbed, along with an abrasion-resistant sticky rubber outsole.

Kids DC Rob Dyrdek Shoes for Boys and Girls

Youth Boys/Girls Rob Dyrdek Skate Trainers

Average Price: $30 – $50

Rob Dyrdek is by far one of the most popular professional skateboarders in the world right next to Tony Hawk and Bam Margera, and his line of kids DC shoes have been selling off the charts ever since they were first released. They are made with soft action leather and heavy-duty suede, and have a sticky rubber outsole which is able to resist scuffs and abrasions while skateboardng. The Rob Dyrdek sneakers for boys and girls are also quite comfortable with their thickly padded tongue and collars and they can be found in several color combinations.

Kids DC Pixie Argyle Shoes for Girls

Youth Girls Pixie Argyle Sneakers

Average Price: $40

These are considered some of the best kids DC shoes on sale for girls in 2012 due to their extremely vibrant and attractive style, while also being very comfortable for casual use and durable for skateboarding. The Pixie Argyle sneakers come in 3 color designs: pink/black black/baby blue and light gray/pink, and all of them feature a soft tricot lining, a multi-tone bottom with the brand’s trademarked ‘pill’ tread pattern, a specially constructed sole that provides excellent flex and performance, and a padded tongue and collar for all day comfort. At only $40 on average, the Pixie Argyles are a very good option if you’re looking for a pair of kids DC shoes for cheap.

Kids DC Pure Shoes for Boys

Youth Boys Pure Skate Trainers

Average Price: $40

The Pure skateboarding sneakers are widely popular mainly due to their ridiculous amount of color options. With these youth skate trainers, it would be hard to find another child with the same pair simply because of how many there are to choose from. Just to name a few, some of the most popular styles include: plaid, black/armor/white, black/white/emerald, white/royal/plaid, black/athletic red, black/citrus, black/ fluourescent blue, and white/green. Believe it or not, that is not even half of what is available. The Pure DC shoes are definitely the most versatile on this list, as they also have more advanced comfort and durability features as any of the other children’s skateboarding sneakers reviewed here. They are made with resilient action leather and nubuck and patented SUPER SUEDE for exceptional resistance to abrasion and general wear and tear. These kids DC shoes also feature the patented DGT PLUS rubber front sole wall for added durability and internal elastic holders for extra foot stability.

Keep in mind that these are just 5 of the best kids DC shoes on sale out there for boys and girls, and that in 2012 there are many more options to choose from out there and more to come in the future.