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Top 5 Best Kids Etnies Shoes 2011-2012

Kids Etnies shoes are some of the best youth skate trainers that money can buy these days in 2012. This brand has been making top-rated skateboarding sneakers for nearly three decades, and their little boys and girl’s models are very popular, stylish and cheap. So many children love Etnies shoes because they are so trendy and come in such vibrant, attractive colors and designs.

Much like their biggest competitors in the youth skate trainers industry– DC, Vans and Osiris– kids Etnies shoes are made for both boys and girls, as well as children ages 7-13, toddlers and even infants. This large and diverse array of skateboarding sneakers are what make this brand one of the best to choose from, and the list below contains their most popular and highest selling youth skate trainers on sale.

The Best Kids Etnies Shoes for Sale 2012

Kids Etnies Metal Mulisha Fader Shoes for Boys

Youth Boys Metal Mulisha Fader Sneakers

Average Price: $20 – $50

The Fader is a model that is very popular amongst this brand and it comes in many other designs other than the Metal Mulisha pictured above including the original Fader, Fader Vulc, Fader Crib, Fader Rockstar, and the limited edition Fader ‘Autism Speaks’ Etnies shoes. All of them come with the same comfort and durability features like the ultra-thick interior padding, an internal EVA midsole and a 400 NBS rubber outsole. The only thing that really separates each pair is their designs and colors.

Kids Etnies Fader Shoes for Girls

Youth Girls Fader Sneakers

Average Price: $20 – $50

Much like the boy’s version of this top-rated pair of skate trainers, the girls Faders are also very diverse and come in a wide range of styles and colors, except more feminine, like white, pink, yellow, baby blue, and light green. All of these kids Etnies shoes come with the large embossed logo on the back side panel and even these young ladies sneakers have the same comfort and durability features that the above models do. This includes the super-soft and thick interior padding and the tough, abrasion-resistant 400 NBS rubber outsole.

Kids Etnies Ronin Shoes for Boys

Youth Boys Ronin Skate Trainers

Average Price: $27 – $50

The Ronin’s are a very stylish pair of kids Etnies shoes for cheap as you can find them on sale at $30 or less. It all depends on what colors and size you want, though. These skateboarding sneakers come in several colors such as black/white, black/blue, green/yellow, white/black, red/white, and many more. They are also known to be quite durable with their action leather or suede construction and sticky rubber outsole. In terms of comfort, these children’s skate trainers have a few nice features including a smooth textile lining, and a lightweight EVA footbed, a padded tongue, collar and insole.

Kids Etnies RVM Vulc Shoes for Girls

Youth Girls RVM Vulcanized Sneakers

Average Price: $30 – $50

Of all the girls skateboarding sneakers this brand sells, the RVM Vulcanized are considered some of the best due to their wide variety of colors and styles, as well as their decent list of great features surrounding comfort and durability–two of the most important aspects in a pair of skate trainers. You can find the RVM Vulcanized Etnies shoes for kids on sale in pink, white, purple, green, and more. They all have strong, leather uppers with mid-top style added for extra ankle support. They have great breathability thanks to the vent holes on the vamp and a grippy gum rubber outsole with a triple-stitched toe cap for superior durability and longevity even while skateboarding.

Kids Etnies Twitch 2 Shoes for Boys

Youth Boys Twitch 2 Skate Trainers

Average Price: $50

One of the newest models of kids Etnies shoes is the Twitch 2, which comes in several multi-color designs like black/white/gray as pictured above as well as black/red/blue and a few others. The Twitch 2 sneakers are constructed with nubuck uppers and come with a padded tongue an collar, a soft cushioned insole and midsole, and a rubber traction outsole for extra grip.

As you can see, many of these children’s skate trainers for boys and girls are really cheap, especially on sites with great sales like Amazon. All of these kids Etnies shoes have proven to be the best on the market in recent years and remain top choices in 2012.

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