Top 5 Best Kids Osiris Shoes 2011-2012

Being one of the most popular skateboarding footwear companies in 2012, it’s not surprising that kids Osiris shoes are considered by many to be the best youth skate trainers on the market. in fact, the only other brands that can compete are DC, Vans, Etnies and Fallen, all of which are also amazing producers of skateboarding sneakers, so the fact that Osiris shoes give them such a run for their money is nothing to scoff at.

Kids Osiris shoes are great for a variety of reasons. Most children, both boys and girls, like them because they are like miniature versions of the adult skate trainers. All of their youth skateboarding sneakers are also relatively cheap and come with many of the same comfort and durability features as even the best Osiris shoes on sale for men and women. Let’s take a look at this year’s top choices for this brand’s youth skate trainers and discuss what makes them so special.

The Best Kids Osiris Shoes for Sale 2011-2012

Youth Boys NYC 83

Average Cost: $50 – $60

These NYC 83 sneakers have been one of the best Osiris shoes on the market for a few years now, largely due to their unique style and design. You won’t find a pair of ‘moon boots’ like these from any other brands of skate trainers, and that is what makes them such high sellers. The adult versions are made from real leather, however the youth models are made with synthetic leather. For boys, you can choose from several colors such as black/blue, black/green, black/red and solid black with blue laces, plus many more. Like their men’s and women’s counterparts, these kids Osiris shoes feature a comfortable cupsole construction with an exposed EVA midsole, which also help increase support and overall fit. Other features that contribute to the NYC 83’s comfort and durability include a soft-molded EVA insole with a full latex covering, a tough, abrasion-resistant outsole, and a traditional padded tongue and collar.

Youth Boys South Bronx

Average Cost: $30 – $40

The South Bronx is another pair of Osiris shoes that has gained a great deal of popularity over recent years since its release. Originally designed before the NYC 83, was the South Bronx are the first true ‘moon boot’ style skate trainers that this company ever produced. Your child can wear these sneakers comfortably around school, and they are also durable enough to hold up to the abuse of skateboarding, especially with the shock-absorbing midsole. They feature leather upper construction and have special perforations for extra breathability. The fabric lining, padded tongue and collar, and cushioned insole do their part to increase comfort as well. The South Bronx comes in quite a few color combinations, such as white/red/black (pictured above), black/white/tie-dye, black/blue/white, not to mention a wide range of graphics options, making them some of the most stylish kids Osiris shoes on sale in 2012. In addition to all of this, these are also pretty cheap skate trainers in terms of price compared to the other skateboarding sneakers reviewed here.

Youth Boys Pixel

Average Cost: $50 – $60

The Pixel is a classic model that was first introduced several years ago, and has always had an excellent reputation as not only some of the best kids Osiris shoes, but for any age group for that matter. All of the different Pixel models have very attractive and sleek designs with many color and graphic options to choose from. They also have a lot of the same basic comfort features as most other skate trainers made by this footwear company. The Pixel has the EVA drop-in midsole with a heel insert for maximum support, as well as a soft-molded EVA insole with a latex covering, and an abrasion-resistant rubber oupsole to prevent wear and provide ideal performance while skateboarding.

Youth Girls NYC 83

Average Cost: $50 – $60

The Girls NYC 83 skate trainers are no different than the boys models, except for the fact that they come in different, more feminine, colors like pink, yellow and white. They have all of the same features as the boys NYC 83, including the padded tongue and collar, reinforced high abrasion areas, and a soft-molded EVA insole with full latex covering. These are definitely one of the most popular kids Osiris shoes for girls, though, and it’s for the same reasons as why they are adored by boys and adults: they’re comfortable, stylish, unique and durable.

Toddler Boys/Girls Serve

Average Cost: $30 – $40

All of the other Osiris shoes reviewed thus far have been for youth sizes, which normally consists of children between ages 7 and 13, so why not throw a toddler/pre-school age pair of skate trainers to add some versatility to this list? The Toddler Serve sneakers are unisex, which means they are made for both boys and girls. They are modeled after the adult versions of the same name, but the styling and designs are geared more toward young children. Notice the pattern printed on the sides of the pair of Serve skate trainers pictured above. This is the type of color combinations you can expect from the other models as well. One of the best parts about these kids Osiris shoes is that they are made with Becky Bones construction, which means that the action pebble grain leather and most of the other materials these skateboarding sneakers are made from are environmentally-friendly produced or recycled. Not only that, but they are also very cheap, although for a pair of Osiris shoes this small, it’s not too surprising that the price is lower.

As you can plainly see with all of these amazing models reviewed, this company has got the youth demographic covered with some really stylish skateboarding sneakers. It’s no wonder why kids Osiris shoes are one of the best brands of childrens skate trainers in 2012, when there are so many unique and trendy models on sale for both boys and girls, and even toddlers!