Top 5 Best Kids Vans Shoes 2011-2012

Since 1966, Vans shoes have been seen as some of the best skate trainers on the market, for both kids and adults. Nowadays in 2012, this skateboarding footwear brand is better than ever and has dozens more youth sneakers to choose from than they did even just a decade ago. Other brands like DC, Osiris and Etnies are good competitors when it comes to youth skate trainers, but kids Vans shoes for boys and girls seem to be able to get larger sales in some cases due to the fact that they are relatively cheap and can be bought from popular chains like Kohl’s as well as many outlet stores. In addition to that, they also have a very diverse range of models, from durable skateboarding sneakers to casual slip-ons.

One of the best things about kids Vans shoes is that you have the ability to customize them to your liking by simply visiting their website online and using the designer feature. They give you the options of either the Classic models, the Era, or the Slip-on. Whichever pair you choose begins as solid white, and as you proceed through the steps you can add various colors and designs to the individual panels of the sneakers. No other youth skate trainers have this feature, which is a big reason why kids Vans shoes are seen by many as the best available. However, the reviews of boys and girls sneakers below are for models that are the top-selling and most popular for sale in 2012.

The Best Kids Vans Shoes for Sale 2012

Kids Vans Classic Slip-Ons for Boys

Youth Boys Classic Slip-Ons

Average Price: $30

These skate trainers are long-time favorites and one of the earliest models of Vans shoes ever created. The children’s and toddler’s versions of the Classic Slip-ons come in tons of different styles and colors. Some of the colors for boys include black, blue, green, red, and white. There is also the option of different graphics featuring their favorite Yo Gabba-Gabba! characters. The Classic Slip-ons are made with a durable canvas upper and tough rubber outsole, and they each have elastic gore side strips for a more snug fit, since they are just slip-ons after all.

Kids Vans Classic Slip-Ons for Girls

Youth Girls Classic Slip-Ons

Average Price: $30

The girls Classic Slip-ons are all made with the same durability and comfort features as the boys models. The main difference between these kids Vans shoes and the pair reviewed above is the fact that there are almost just as many feminine styles to choose from. These are perhaps the most popular youth skate trainers for girls on the market, and that’s a large feat when you take into consideration how well Etnies, Osiris and DC sneakers do with their sales. Some of the colors you can pick between for the little girls Classic Slip-Ons are pink, white, yellow, light green, baby blue, as well as a variety of checkerboard combinations of those colors. There are also the Hello Kitty styles that come in a wide range of designs. Being able to put on popular, trademarked characters like that just goes to show why they are some of the best kids Vans shoes on sale in 2012.

Kids Vans Authentic Shoes for Boys

Youth Boys Authentic Core Sneakers

Average Price: $40

The Authentics are also some of the most popular kids Vans shoes because of their massive selection of styles and designs, as well as their superior comfort and durability features. You can find these youth skate trainers for boys in green, black, white, blue, red, orange, and a few checkerboard and plaid assortments involving black, white and gray mostly. The comfort features include a cotton drill lining, a die-cut EVA insert for lightweight cushioning, and a flexible canvas upper. In terms of durability, the Authentic Core sneakers are made with a traditional gum rubber outsole which also provides extra traction, and a vulcanized sole attachment for long-lasting life.

Kids Vans Authentic Shoes for Girls

Youth Girls Authentic Core Sneakers

Average Price: $45

This pair of skate trainers are constructed with the same comfort and durability designs as the boys models. They have the soft and smooth cotton drill lining as well as the lightweight and flexible canvas upper. The Authentic Core Vans shoes for girls come in several feminine designs and colors including pink, purple, light green, teal, light blue and white. They also have a variety of patterns and designs to choose from which incorporate logos and characters that are geared towards young girls, all of which are very stylish.

Kids Vans Era Shoes for Boys

Youth Boys Era Sneakers

Average Price: $30

The Era sneakers are a really versatile pair of cheap Vans shoes for kids. They have a nice, well-rounded set of features that focus on all aspects of what’s important in skate trainers: comfort, durability, and of course, style and appeal. These particular models come in quite a few colors and patterns; in fact, they probably have any color you can think of, and even if they don’t, you can always use the customize option as mentioned in the beginning of these reviews. The Eras are one of the best kids Vans shoes because they are constructed with leather or textile uppers and a long list of amazing features like the padded collar, double-stitch vamp, die-cut EVA insert, traditional gum rubber outsole, and a vulcanized sole.

From 1966 to 2012, this top-rated brand has been producing the most popular youth skate trainers and they only keep getting better. If you shop around and take a look at the different models of kids Vans shoes for sale out there, it’s easy to see why they are considered the best by so many satisfied customers around the world.