Top 5 Best Movies in the World?

My list of top 5 best movies would include The Avengers, because it was so well done and well written, it was beautiful; The Princess Bride, because it is a wonderful love story and it is funny and just all around enjoyable; The Boondock Saints, because the story is very interesting and again, it’s just all around enjoyable; Chronicle, because it is so unique and so engaging, and True Romance, because it is a wonderful love story. – Mahwah

My list of top 5 best movies will include Star Wars, Hoosiers, Saving Private Ryan, Rocky, and The Departed. My top criteria for the rankings is a movie that is watchable and enjoyable over and over again. Star Wars and Rocky are obviously classics. Star Wars was truly epic and innovative for its time in reference to visual effects. Rocky was a magnificent film depicting struggle and adversity. I have seen both films numerous times and continue to enjoy them. Hoosiers is my favorite feel good movie that once again depicts the struggle of the underdog or little man overcoming great odds to succeed. It is one of the best sports films ever made. The Departed and Saving Private Ryan are just great movies. Both films are action packed and loaded with stars that produce wonderful performances. -Lexington

My top five movies are movies I started liking while working at a video store in college. They are all pretty indie and alternative, as well as cerebral in one way or another. In no certain order, my favorites include I Heart Huckabees, Garden State, Waking Life, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Requiem for a Dream. Each of these movies affected me in a long term way by changing my views on some huge philosophical level. Each movie in one way or another changed my way of thinking about the world. – Round Rock

My top 5 best movies would undoubtedly include ‘The Dark Knight’, ‘Avatar’, ‘The Godfather’, ‘Unforgiven’, and ‘The Longest Day’. These possess all the elements I feel are essential to what a ‘good’ movie is: an interesting plot, exceptional technical work, a solid cast, and, for dramas, a bit of sly or subtle humor. These are mainstays of all of these movies, ranging from William Munny’s remark to W.W. Beauchemp, ‘All I know is who I’m going to kill last!’ to the Allied fleet emerging from the fog. Anyone of these warrant an immediate ceasing of channel surfing, and 2 hours of undivided attention. – Waldorf

My list of top 5 best movies will include: Chicken Run, The Curse of the Wererabbit, Star Trek: Nemesis, Avatar, and Van Helsing. Chicken Run is the first on the list because it was the movie I watched the most when I was growing up, and it has always made me laugh. The Curse of the Wererabbit is second, because although it is just as funny as the first, I don’t have the memories of it that I do of Chicken Run. The Star Trek movie is next because I have always liked Star Trek, and this was the first Star Trek movie I ever saw in a theater. It also had great special effects. Finally, Avatar and Van Helsing have their places on the list because they both had good special effects and very good story lines. – Reno