Top 5 best PS3 Move games

The PlayStation 3 now has about 70 games out that can be played using the Move controller so that the player becomes art of the game by dancing, swinging his arms, or in some other way getting up and acting out game play. Gamers no longer sit and play a game; now they are active participants and become physically part of the movement in the world of the game they are playing. The best PS3 Move games include:

1. Sports Champions

is one of the best PS3 Move games. It allows players a chance to compete against one another or play solo in six different sports. Players get up and simulate moves in archery, bocce, table tennis, gladiator duel, volleyball or disc golf. One can engage in free play, a championship mode, do challenges and more. Several players can compete at once making this an action packed game for a group of friends or a family.

2. KIllzone 3

has amazing graphics and 3D capabilities so that when one plays with the Move controller it feels like he or she is really immersed in the world of the game. The action in this game is incredibly intense and the storyline is involved but easy to follow. One will be battling enemies, cutting through jungles and much, much more all while feeling part of the world of the game. This is not a game for the younger crowd, but for those ready to have the experience of being immersed in a world of combat and intrigue while playing a game, there is no better choice.

3. Sorcery

is about to be released and almost everyone who has had the opportunity to give this game a try in its pre-release form is quite impressed. Pre-orders have been pouring in for this game. Based on the idea that one starts as an apprentice and over time, by doing tasks to save the world from evil, one can become a full-fledged wizard, this one is a lot of fun. The Move controller serves as your wand as you creep through dungeons saving kidnapped children, conjure up fireballs, cast spells and so much more. Even though this one is technically not out yet pre-sales have made it clear that it will be one of the top 5 best PS3 Move games ever.

4. The Sly Collection

offers a chance to play re-mastered versions of all 3 of the Sly Cooper games from the old PS2 days. One game even can be played in 3D and all of them can be played using the Move controller for a whole new Sly experience. These games can be a bit nostalgic and are even greater fun in this new format. There are even mini-games that are all new and support the Move technology for some added gaming fun. These were among the most fun games in the past and now they are all bundled together so it is like getting 3 games for the price of one. This is one of the best bargains and is some of the most fun one can have while playing one of the best PS3 Move games.

5. Little Big Planet 2

is a unique game. This is more than just a platform game because of the create mode that allows players to place enemies and obstacles, create shooters, mini-games, racers, and even RPG-like action and adventure games and then share those games with friends. The online mode allows one to share games created with other players that have online capabilities so that the number of new levels that are available is really endless. This is a unique, fun and exciting way to enjoy gaming while playing one of the best PS3 Move games to have ever been released.