Top 5 Christmas Card Designs

Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming! If you haven’t chosen Christmas cards to send yet you are already way behind. Choosing the Christmas card designs you want to send can be the toughest part of the holidays, but this list will help get you thinking with that Christmas spirit. Choose beautiful Christmas cards that you and everyone on your list will love.

Santa in a Sleigh

Nothing is more traditional for Christmas card designs than a lovely rendition of Santa being pulled across the sky by his team of reindeer. The beauty of such a design is it can be playfully cute and colorful or sophisticated and elegant.

Stockings Hung over a Fireplace

Whether the stockings are hung over the fireplace with care or hung like a child was playing with them, these types of Christmas card designs are cute without being too traditional.

Christmas Tree

In various states of decoration, in various decorative themes or still standing amongst a sea of snow-covered brethren, pine tree Christmas card designs are a good fallback when you aren’t sure what everyone on your Christmas card list might like.

The Reindeer Team

Rudolph, Vixen, Blitzen and the other reindeer on Santa’s team are all as cute as a button even when they’re not hitched to the sleigh or standing around with Santa. Christmas cards featuring reindeer games are perfect for any animal lover to send their friends and family members.

Winter Wonderland

If you’re dreaming of a white Christmas, Christmas card designs featuring beautiful, snow-covered landscapes might be just for you. These Christmas cards are great for wishing everyone a happy winter holiday and lots of fluffy, white snow to enjoy.

And don’t forget to give funny Christmas cards a try. They can always pull at a loved one’s funny bone and you can find them with tasteful or raunchy jokes.