Top 5 Colic Cures

When the baby won’t stop crying and you can’t get any sleep, you may have a colicky baby. You may be desperate for colic cures but just aren’t sure what to do or where to turn for advice. The colic cures below are a great start in calming a screaming, colicky baby.

White noise For newborn babies the world is full of strange and noisy sounds. These sounds are nothing like what he heard while in the womb. The easiest colic cures duplicate the soft, constant noises a baby would have heard before being born. A television or radio turned on with static or an ambience CD are great ways to make white noise for babies.

Swaddling Wrapping a baby in a blanket to restrict arm and leg movement can give a baby a sense of security. Tight swaddling can also make it difficult expand the chest enough to make those ear-piercing, colic cries, thus ensuring a colicky outburst is stopped before it ever starts.

Swinging Some colic cures may seem odd at first glance, but once you try them, you’ll never doubt again. Hold your baby football-style and rock her or swing her around. The movements feel fluid, like floating on air, and can soothe and calm a colicky baby.

Massage Massaging the baby gently with baby oil can be one of the most effective colic cures. The light touches provide comfort and the massage soothes and relaxes the baby to sleep. A vibrating crib can be just as effective.

Colic water Colic can be caused by too much gas in the babies stomach. The best colic cures for this particular problem are colic waters, such as Gripe Water. Try these colic cures in order to start with. If your baby doesn’t respond well to one technique then omit it next time. Eventually you’ll find that only one or two colic cures are needed to have a calm, happy and non-crying baby.