Top 5 Conditions That Cause Pain

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Generally speaking, neuropathic causes (damaged nerves, rather than damaged tissues) produce the most unbearable type of pain. For those who suffer from any of the following causes of pain, just waiting for the next attack can be nerve-wracking.

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Cluster Headaches

The unfortunate individuals who suffer from cluster headaches often describe the pain as even worse than natural childbirth, with no pain relief of any kind. Sufferers generally try to think of the absolute worst experience they can imagine and then insist that the headaches are far worse. Cluster headaches affect one-tenth of one percent of the population; roughly equivalent to multiple sclerosis. However, there is no funding for research into the malady. Current treatments include various injections, nasal sprays, preventive treatments and oxygen therapy.

Kidney Stones

Symptoms of kidney stones include sharp, severe pain that radiates from the lower abdomen into the groin, side and back; along with nausea, vomiting and abnormally strong or bad-smelling urine. For those who have experienced both childbirth and kidney stones, the consensus seems to be that the kidney stones are worse in that there are at least some breaks in the pain of childbirth. Kidney stone pain is sustained and only the strongest pain medications have any effect whatsoever. Fortunately, safe and effective treatments include extensive system flushing with plenty of liquids, ultrasound therapy to break up the stones, and surgery.

Spinal Injuries

While paralysis is a difficult handicap to deal with, it also comes with quite a lot more pain than most people think. Nearly three-quarters of those suffering from spinal cord injuries also suffer from phantom pain in their limbs. The pain can be agonizing because it originates in misfiring pain signals in the brain. Because the signals are misfiring, it can be difficult or impossible to interrupt them through drug therapy.


Burned skin is extremely painful, and can continue to be so even after it’s healed. This is due to the nerve damage that occurs when the skin is initially burned. Severe burns also require frequent cleanings and may need to be debrided (a very painful process) to encourage healing.

Gallbladder Attack

The onset of a gallbladder attack may include sudden pain, fever and vomiting. The pain can last anywhere from one hour to five and may be similar to that caused by kidney stones. Those who suffer from one may be more likely to experience the other, although the relationship is unclear.

Seeking Treatment

Pain is your body’s signal to you that something is wrong. It’s important to seek medical help should you begin suffering pain, especially if it’s acute. There are many safe and effective pain solutions for different types of pain, and there’s no shame in seeking help to find relief.

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