Top 5 Dyson Handheld Vacuums: Comparison of the Best Dyson Handhelds

Best Dyson Handheld Vacuums

Are you interested in getting a quality & powerful handheld vacuum and have smartly decided on a Dyson handheld vacuum, however are unsure which is best the model and exactly how they compare? Then this ranking account of the top 5 will surely be able to help you out — through providing a brief overview on specifications, cleaning performance and general aspects of the following: DC30, DC31, DC34, DC44* and DC58 handheld vacuums.

Dyson DC30 Multi-Floor

Cleaning Performance

It performs a constant suction power of 40 air watts, utilizing the very first Dyson root cyclone system & highly efficient Digital slim motor (‘spinning many times faster than a formula one racing car’) and is ergonomically designed to get into intricate areas for cleaning e.g. cars & stair ways. You also get a couple of accessories to improve the cleaning functionality of the DC30 too such as the combination tool.

Practical Specifications

Designed to be extremely lightweight (1.23 kg), ergonomic and compact in design (32 x 11 x 20 cm). It is implemented with a 0.35 liter bin capacity with a hygienic ‘one button press’ easy release mechanism.

Run Time & Battery Details

The battery installed is a 14.4 volt lit-ion battery that allows the handheld 6 minutes of run time and can be charged well within 3 hours.

Dyson DC30 Handheld Rating: 78% (sourced, for the DC30 best price I’d recommend you go check it out on and you should be able to easily fetch it ‘used’ for under $150.

Dyson DC31 Multi-Floor

Cleaning Performance

The DC31 offers a dual cleaning mode, where on i. the standard option it produces 38 air watts of suction and then on ii. the boost option 65 air watt. Significantly more powerful than the previous DC30 model, and is still integrated with the unique Dyson Root cyclone technology.

Practical Specifications

The same fundamental design is kept, although a little lighter at just under 1.2 kg but still has the same bin capacity of 0.35 liters (with hygienic release system) and has a filtration mechanism to prevent allergens and dust particles from being expelled into the air whilst vacuuming.

Run Time & Battery Details

Not only is it more powerful than the DC30, it can last a fair bit longer — on boost mode for six minutes and standard for 10 minutes. This is due to a more powerful 22.2 volt battery being implemented.

Dyson DC31 Handheld Rating: 70% (sourced, to get the cheapest price on this Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner, I would again recommend heading over to the giant carboot of the world and you should be able to pick it up at around just over $150.

Dyson DC34 Multi-Floor

Cleaning Performance

Again, the DC34 has the dual cleaning mode although the power suction for the standard mode has been somewhat reduced to 28 Air watts but the boost mode remains the same at 65 Air watts. It does have an improved Digital slim motor V2 installed as well as the same Root cyclone technology. The DC34 also comes with the combination tool, which is basically a crevice tool for cleaning tight gaps that also doubles up with a brush nozzle for powered dusting.

Practical Specifications

The design throughout the DC30, DC31, DC34 is very similar, taking on the same specifications and has the same filter system and bin capacity — although the DC34 is a little heavier than the predecessors at 1.33 kg.

Run Time & Battery Details

The run time for the standard mode has been improved yet further (a trade off between power and suction) — lasting up to 15 minutes on standard mode & again 6 minutes with boost mode. It takes roughly 3.5 hours to charge from dead to full.

Dyson DC34 Rating: 76% (sourced: as this model is a lot more popular than the previous two (& despite it being better) you can get hold of one for a similar price at $150 (there’s plenty on

Dyson DC44 Animal

*Although this is actually a Digital slim vacuum & not a handheld, the wand component can be removed to make it a handheld vacuum and pretty much acts as an minor upgrade to the DC34.

Like the DC34 it performs on the dual mode cleaning system and has 28 Air watts of suction on the standard mode and 65 air watts on the boost mode, it also has the same practical specifications etc. the only difference is that there has been an improvement in the run time where on standard mode it lasts for 20 minutes and on boost up to 8 minutes (note: it does take approximately 5.5 hours to recharge however).

Dyson DC44 Rating: 86% (sourced

Dyson DC58 Animal

Cleaning Performance

This is hands down the most powerful handheld vacuum around. It offers 28 Air watts on the standard option but a huge 100 Air watts on the boost mode, making it at least ‘three times more powerful than the conventional handheld vacuum’ — this is because it utilizes a range of the latest Dyson technology: Digital Slim V6, Cobalt Manganese battery & two tier radial root cyclone technology.

Practical Specifications

It is again very similar in design, although the bin capacity has been made slightly larger to 0.4 liters and does come with a combination tool & a mini motorized tool for effective removal of pet hair.

Run Time & Battery Details

Moreover, the DC58 can effectively run for 26 minutes due to the new trigger implementation but with constant use 20 minutes on the standard mode and 6 minutes on the boost mode.

Which Dyson Handheld Should You Buy?

Obviously, the DC58 handheld vacuum is in pretty much a different class to the other & is essentially not only the best Dyson handheld vacuum, but the best handheld vacuum full stop — so for anyone wanting to buy the ultimate handheld vacuum, I’d say go for that. However, in terms of value for money, I would say potentially go for either the DC34 or DC44 (with the latter being able to of course double up as an upright vacuum & with a refurbished model, you save even more cash). But, which Dyson handheld vacuum will you go for?

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