Top 5 Emergency Flashlights for Power Outages For Sale

Don’t be without emergency light if your electricity is off!

Sitting in the dark is not fun! When the power goes out you need some type of emergency flashlight. Most households keep a flash light on hand but if you don’t have one and are in fear of becoming a victim of a power outage, then here are the top 5 recommended emergency flashlights for power outages:

Rayovac SP8DA Black Sportsman 8D Area Lantern with Twin Fluorescent Bulbs

The Rayovac Sportsman isn’t your every day hand flashlight! It has twin bulbs and lights up to a 5o foot radius and can run for about 15 hours. Nope, this isn’t your daddy’s flashlight!

Coleman 4D Rugged Personal Size Rugged Lantern

Coleman is a name that has been around forever and has a good,reliable product. It has some good reviews on and will light up a room with an illuminating light when needed.

Set of 3 Emergency Lanterns

I liked the set of three lanterns for a great price, under $30. They are great for camping but if you have an emergency and need some light, you can keep one lantern in a different area to use.

Smith & Wesson Galaxy 13 LED Flashlight

This is a real sturdy flashlight with a tough aluminum structure. It is easy to carry and will give you a lifetime warranty when you buy it. The name speaks for itself in quality.

Pelican MityLIte 2340 Flashlight

Another great product that is only 6.25 inches. It has this white beam that will help you to penetrate through fog, smoke and darkness. It’s a tough little light and you can power it up with some AA batteries.

You can use any one of these top 5 flashlights for power outages. But don’t forget the batteries! If you would rather use some oil lamps when the power goes out, that is fine, but you should have a little bit of everything just in case@