News Top 5 Free Virus Removal Software Programs of 2014

Top 5 Free Virus Removal Software Programs of 2014


Computer users are now aware enough, and they understand the effects of viruses on computers. Discovery of new age malware like Heartbleed Bug makes the users more conscious and defensive. Thus, everyone admits to the need of virus removal software in their computers and laptops. If you are also a concerned user then, this article will provide you information about five best computer virus removal software tools of 2014.

To ensure better protection for your device, you must have reliable antivirus software that can effectively conduct virus removal. In the market, you can get both free virus removal software as well as paid software. Some of the free antivirus software are offered free of cost only for the initial year and then it charges you for the annual updates.

Check out the following antivirus software to choose one for you.

Avast Antivirus

It is free virus removal software, which is very simple to install. It has a simple interface and thus it is extremely easy to use. By running a quick scan, the AV software easily identifies potential threats hovering on your PC. The program is so light that when it runs a scan, puts no or minimal impact on the performance of your system.

The aforementioned highlights about the program are not just subjective opinion because independent testing by AV-Test has identified the program as a very good all-rounder. Avast Free also has useful extras such as a Software Updater that alerts regarding the program updates; Browser Cleanup tool that removes unwanted add-ons from browsers. Recently, Avast even added a ‘Grime Fighter,’ through which the program supports 12 additional languages and thus has become more users friendly.

Panda Cloud Antivirus Free

Another free antivirus is Panda Cloud. It is a small, simple and lightweight tool that offers free real-time antivirus protection. It is flexible and hence usable along with many other security tools. However, apart from the free version, there is a paid version also. The free version is devoid of certain features such as it doesn’t render the security over public Wi-Fi networks. This feature is present in the pro-version. Likewise, the pro-version has many other features, for instance, there is a feature called ‘USB Vaccine’ that decreases the menace of USB drive infecting malware.

ZoneAlarm Antivirus + Firewall

It is virus removal software bundled with a firewall that makes the program double effective. However, there is one concern regarding ZoneAlarm. It updates its antivirus database only once in a day. Thus, it might not be able to detect the latest threats. However, this concern is limited to the free version only as the commercial version’s database gets updated on an hourly basis.
The program comes with a wide array of functionality and features such as it has AV-Test-certified antivirus engine, effective browsing protection, and an easy-to-use firewall.

Avira Antivirus

Independent labs have rated Avira Free Antivirus as a strong antivirus engine that constantly monitors PCs to detect and eliminate threats. If you install the Avira toolbar then you will also receive some very effective web tools such as:

• Anti-phishing tool
• Ad blocker
• Social networking protection

However, on choosing the Avira toolbar, your default search engine will get replaced by Avira page. Recently, Avira launched Avira Protection Cloud (APC), which is capable of detecting and thwarting zero-day attacks.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

One of the best virus removal softwares around is Bitdefender. Its antivirus engine is very quick at detecting the malware and viruses. Independent testing labs have rated this program very high as it is ultra-compact and thus gets downloaded and installed even in less than a minute.

It has a very simple interface that provides effective, automatic and on-demand scanning, anti-phishing protection and real-time antivirus security.

Thus, there is a plethora of free AV software available in the market. Many of these are equipped with such sophisticated features that they become as capable as their commercial copies. The most important point is that you should have one in your PC; brand doesn’t matter as all are very effective, so chose one.

Top 5 Free Virus Removal Software Programs of 2014
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