News Top 5 Fun Things at Mall of America

Top 5 Fun Things at Mall of America


If you are looking for the top 5 fun things at Mall of America you have come to the right place. The Mall of America, in Bloomington, Minnesota in suburban Minneapolis, is home to more than 500 stores. That’s a lot of retail for the serious shopper, but the best reason to check out the so-called Megamall is for the fun!

Mall of America is much more than a mall. While it does boast the second most retail space of any mall in the United States, it is the largest in terms of total enclosed floor area, due in large part to a large indoor amusement park that sits in the center of the mall. There are some terrific ways to spend a few entertainment dollars at the Mall of America, but here are the 5 things at the mall that are the most fun.

Nickelodeon Universe

You can’t miss Nickelodeon Universe when you enter the mall. It is a fully enclosed amusement park under the high glass ceiling in the mall. The park is spread over 7 acres of space and includes a huge Ferris wheel, log ride, several roller coasters, and a variety of other carnival-style rides. Tickets for Nickelodeon Universe can be purchased at convenient kiosks in the park. Don’t miss Nickelodeon Universe when you visit the mall. How often to you get to shop and ride a roller coaster in the same building?

SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium

There is something hiding underground at the Mall of America – SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium. This unique aquarium is a must for a lover of sea life and offers a unique experience while viewing the underwater world. There are thousands of sea creatures in the 1.2 million gallons of water in the aquarium, but the best part is that visitors get to experience the aquarium by traveling down a 300 foot clear tunnel that is surrounded by the water. It is simply awesome.

LEGO Store

If you love LEGOs, you will love the LEGO store. This huge LEGO store offers pretty much every LEGO set that is currently for sale anywhere. In addition, there are numerous play tables containing thousands of bricks for kids and adults alike to play with. High above the store are massive LEGO creations that will wow you, but the best part of the store is the pick a brick section. Here, an entire wall of the store is filled with bins containing all sorts of bricks that you can choose from for purchase. A small bin is reasonably priced and is a great souvenir for a kid.

American Girl Store

For those who love dolls, and particularly American Girls, the American Girl Store is a must see destination. While not as big as the flagship store in Chicago, the Mall of America store is still huge and was custom built as a two story store that flows into Nickelodeon Universe. Every doll and accessory you can imagine is available and all are on display. They also have a salon to give an American Girl a new hairdo or for repairs.

The RainForest Cafe

When you have had enough and want to grab a bite to eat, the RainForest Cafe is a fun place to sit down and enjoy a meal. Eating in the jungle with simulated rain, lightning and thunder is an unusual experience. There are several saltwater aquariums as well displaying tropical fish. You might want to make reservations a few hours early since this popular restaurant will fill up early.

More to Come

If you want more don’t fear – more is on the way. Phase II of the Mall of America is underway and will double the size of the mall. Future attractions will include a NHL sized ice rink which it fitting since the site was the former location of the Minnesota North Stars arena. Other amenities will include a water park, three hotels, a Bass Pro Shops, and another 8,000 parking spaces for visitors to go with the nearly 13,000 currently located there. If you still have energy after your visit to the mall, IKEA is located next door as well.

The next time you are in the Twin Cities, take time to enjoy these top 5 fun things at Mall of America.

Top 5 Fun Things at Mall of America
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