News Top 5 Funky Laptop Bags for Men on Sale

Top 5 Funky Laptop Bags for Men on Sale


Considering the fact that laptop bags are gaining in popularity in recent years, there are many different styles of notebook carriers for men to choose from, and the funky satchels, messengers, totes and backpacks are some of the most sought-after types available today due to their unique and attractive designs. Regardless of your personal preferences, there is likely a notebook computer carrying case out their that suits your taste, and you might be surprised at how many funky laptop bags there are. In this article we are going to provide reviews of the best messengers and backpacks for men in this particular style.

The Best Funky Laptop Bags for Men – 2012

Top 5 Funky Laptop Bags for Men on Sale

MyGift 14-Inch Newspaper Pattern Notebook Messenger

Average Price: $20

You will notice that these reviews will have many of this brand’s carrying cases because they are known for their stylish designs that seem to stand out from other top companies. This particular model appears to be constructed from newspaper, but it’s actually made out of nylon. These funky laptop bags are able to hold notebook computers that are up to 14.1 inches and have main compartment dimensions of 14-by-11-by-1.2 inches. They also have four front velcro flip pockets and an adjustable padded shoulder strap for comfort. Perhaps the best part about the Newspaper Pattern notebook messenger is the affordable cost. At only about $20 on average, this is a very cheap option that still has enough quality to be considered a top-rated portable computer carrier.

Top 5 Funky Laptop Bags for Men on Sale

Wenger Saturn SwissGear Computer Messenger

Average Price: $60

For a less flashy choice, the Wenger Saturn SwissGear messenger is a decent option to consider when it comes to funky laptop bags for men. While they do not stand out nearly as much as other notebook carrying cases, they do have a bit of a unique design to them that is unlike most other briefcases. With dimensions of 5-by-16.5-by-12 inches, and weighing only about 3.6 pounds, these computer messengers are fully compatible with all Audio Unlimited 900Mhz products and have a Phase Loop Lock circuitry which automatically locks in and keeps the audio signals crystal clear. They also have a Dual Power Transmitter which can run on either the AC power or 4 AA batteries. So, while the Wenger Saturn SwissGears may not be the funkiest laptop bags in terms of looks and style, they definitely have some crazy features that not many other notebook messengers or briefcases can claim a stake to.

Top 5 Funky Laptop Bags for Men on Sale

MyGift 14-Inch Union Jack Flag Notebook Briefcase

Average Price: $30

Here is another fine model from MyGift that has an outstanding and extraordinary appeal to them with the Union Jack Flag pattern that mixes a newspaper-type print with the United Kingdom’s national flag. They are capable of holding up to 14.1-inch notebooks or netbooks made by Apple, HP, Acer, Dell or Sony, and have a large main compartment with dimensions of 14-by-11-by-1.2 inches and 4 front velcro pockets for easy storage of your daily essentials. Just like the funky laptop bags from MyGift reviewed at the beginning of this list, this model also comes with an adjustable and detachable padded shoulder strap for convenience and comfort, and are constructed of lightweight, yet supportive nylon material.

Top 5 Funky Laptop Bags for Men on Sale

Timbuk 2 Commute 2.0 Laptop Bags

Average Price: $80

The Timbuk 2 Commute 2.0 portable computer carriers may not be too funky in design, but there are not too many messengers for guys that have crazy or wacky designs and this one stands out for its multiple color combinations and different styles to choose from. They are also packed full of amazing features that sets them apart from the others on this list. For example, they are almost completely water-proof and are the main TSA-compliant computer compartment unzips and lies flat which allows you to go through airport security checks quickly without having to remove your notebook. The Timbuk 2 Commute funky laptop bags for men also have an internal organizer panel with a key fob, a detachable shoulder strap, and a plush corduroy-lined primary compartment.

Top 5 Funky Laptop Bags for Men on Sale

MyGift 15.4 inch K-Cliffs DJ Galaxy Notebook Computer Backpack

Average Price: $30

Finally we come to a backpack that made it on the list of the best cheap funky laptop bags for men thanks to their appealing and trendy design and low cost. The K-Cliffs DJ Galaxy notebook computer backpack by MyGift is ideal for young guys in college or high school who have to carry around more than just their computer. This is because it has so much more room and space for other things like books with its multitude of large pockets. The main double-zippered compartment has dimensions of 19-by-13-by-5.25 inches and a tie-down velcro strap to secure notebooks up to 15.4′ in the padded sleeve. The second double-zippered pocket measures 18-by-13 inches while the third one is 14-by-11.25-by-1.5 inches and has one accessory pocket and three pen holders. Aside from all the extra storage space you get with these funky laptop bags, they also have an audio player pocket with a special port to accommodate the cord for your headphones.

There are dozens of other cool and crazy-looking notebook computer carriers, satchels, briefcases, totes, backpacks and stylish messengers for guys out there to consider, but these happen to have the highest ratings on Amazon and have proven their worth as some of the best funky laptop bags for men on sale in 2012 with plenty of positive customer reviews and at least a 4-star ranking.

Top 5 Funky Laptop Bags for Men on Sale
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