Top 5 Funky Laptop Bags for Women on Sale

Laptop bags are starting to become a huge fashion statement in recent years, and nowadays there are a lot of funky notebook computer satchels, totes, carrying cases, backpacks and messengers for women and teenage girls to pick between. Finding the best model can be tough since there are just so many to choose from and they are all unique in their own way, whether it is their actual style and design, or the features that they come with. Notebook carriers can be found in all sorts of shapes and sizes as well, making it easy to buy funky laptop bags for women, regardless of their personal taste or preference. Below is a list of reviews and Amazon links for the top-rated messengers, satchels and totes for the ladies, and each one special for different reasons.

The Best Funky Laptop Bags for Women – 2012

MyGift Zebra Print Funky Laptop Bags for Women

MyGift Zebra Print 15.4′ Shoulder Messenger

Average Price: $30

This brand is very well-known for their off-the-wall designs and styles that simply stand out more than most other notebook computer carrier companies. The MyGift Zebra Print messengers are made from polyester and their main compartment is padded, has a velcro strap and drawstring, and dimensions of 11-by-16-by-4 inches. These cheap funky laptop bags also have two other large pockets; a front zipper compartment with measuring 5-by-11 inches and a zipper pocket with interior dimensions of 7-by-11 inches with three accessory pockets and four pen holders. For comfort and easier portability, each messenger comes with an adjustable velcro shoulder strap.

CaseCrown Double Memory Foam Funky Laptop Bags for Women

CaseCrown Double Memory Foam Padded Computer Case

Average Price: $35

This is one of the most secure funky laptop bags for women out there due the simple fact that it has a double-padded with memory foam, allowing your 15.6′ notebook computer to rest safely inside and preventing damage with its superior shock absorption properties. In addition to the amazing padding that this CaseCrown briefcase features, there are four internal straps that hold the notebook in place, which gives you the ability to use it in the case while it is still protected. There is a front pocket for your accessories and the adjustable shoulder strap is not only good for portability, but is also padded with memory foam just like the case itself, making it more comfortable to carry with you for long periods of time.

Built NY Neoprene Funky Laptop Bags for Women

BUILT NY Neoprene 16′ Dot No. 7 Notebook Tote

Average Price: $50

This is perhaps the most unique-looking of all the funky laptop bags for women on this list of reviews, as you can see with its brilliant multi-colored polka-dot design. The best part about the BUILT NY Neoprene notebook totes are not their stylish looks though, but rather the fact that they are water-resistant and stain-resistant thanks to their neoprene construction which is also used for making wetsuits. Designed to fit all types of notebooks between 15 and 16 inches, these funky laptop bags have a protective interior that includes deep pockets and spacious compartments for plenty of storage options for other accessories you may want to carry with you.

Ranipak 16′ Graphic Laptop Bags

Average Price: $50

Here is another girls notebook computer carrier that is quite secure and is able to keep your expensive PC nice and safe with the soft, scratch-free lining within the compartment. They can fit notebooks and netbooks up to 16 inches and are made with 100% polyester, making it rather easy to clean even with nothing more than a damp cloth. The overall dimensions of the funky Ranipack Graphic satchels are 17.5-by-15-by-5 inches, and they come with multiple internal pockets for organization and an extra back pocket that can be used as a slide-through strap while traveling.

MyGift Pink Sparse Floral Funky Laptop Bags for Women

MyGift Pink Sparse Floral 15.4′ Shoulder Messenger

Average Price: $30

Last but not least we come to yet another MyGift model, specifically the Pink Sparse Floral messenger which can fit notebooks that are up to 15.4 inches with its main padded compartment measuring 11-by-16-by-4 inches and secured with a velcro strap and drawstring. The second zipper pocket is 7-by-11 inches and includes three additional accessory pockets and four pen holders. The MyGift Pink Sparse Floral are relatively cheap funky laptop bags for women and also have a front zipper compartment with interior dimensions of 5-by-11 inches, an adjustable and stylish velcro shoulder strap, and are constructed of polyester material.

Keep in mind that this is only a small taste of all the ladies’ notebook computer carriers, satchels, messengers and totes available on sale in 2012. There are many others to consider, but the funky laptop bags for women and teenage girls listed here have proven to be some of the best that money can buy thanks to their rave reviews from customers on Amazon and their high ratings of at least 4 stars.