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Top 5 global destinations to enjoy desert holidays with your family


The perfect idea for desert holidays for most differs as per their taste and choice. Some may prefer along the coast, yet others may prefer a hill station and there are others who would like to visit a desert for their vacations.

But in this post I want to discuss some of the best desert locations to spend an awesome holidays. The trip to a desert is always adventurous. Whether you are walking on your foot or may be driving in a car or riding on a camel, you will surely fall in love with the majestic beauty of desert. You can enjoy the culture and tradition when visiting a desert. Some of the best desert spots are

1. Egypt

The White desert of Egypt gives the perfect look of snow among sand dunes. It has attained this beautiful structure after years of weathering of rock sculptures from an unproductive sea of land. The trip to this place can be best enjoyed on foot, sleeping under the stars and visiting the archeology and the oases. The cost of this trip is euro 1000 per person. October to February is the best time to visit here.

2. Kalahari desert, Botswana

This is one of the most beautiful deserts where you can find a wide variety of wildlife and also explore the local culture of the place. You can enjoy a luxurious trip of 16 days sponsored by Safari Drive. The package includes accommodations in campsites and other luxurious lodges.

3. Jaisalmer Desert

Desert Safari in Jaisalmer is one of the famous safaris of world. The Thar Desert in Jaisalmer India is again a beautiful desert. You can enjoy the camel ride when you spend a night in Thar Desert. You can get the glimpse of pure Rajasthani culture here. It is the best place to spend time with your family away from the busy city life.

4. Atacama Desert

You can enjoy the trip to Atacama Desert sponsored by Unicorn Trails. This is a 13 day trip which costs £1,939 per person. You will get accommodation, transport, meals and horses. The cost of flight is not included in the above price. It departs on 5 October and 16 November.

5. Oriental desert express

You can reach the desert by taking a train from Moroccan desert and on the way halting at some isolated villages and nomadic camps. You can also find some oasis on the way. Adventure Worldwide sponsors the trip to this place. This is an eight day trip costing £1,285 per person. The price includes transport, meals and guides.

Bonus 6. Sahara Desert

This is the largest desert on planet and is most popular among all the deserts. If you are a desert lover then you must visit this place. This is no doubt the most adventurous trip of all. This has been one of the favorite places of the tourists from past many years. With the camel safaris you can get a glimpse into the rich culture of the place. Many marathons and rallies also take place here.

So that my top 6 desert destinations. If you have any more destinations which deserve to be in the list then do comment.

Top 5 global destinations to enjoy desert holidays with your family
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