Top 5 Halloween Zombie Makeup Tips

Slow down on the blood

Unless you’re a fresh zombie, you probably aren’t bleeding a lot anymore. A little liquid blood will go a long way for a zombie that’s already rotting. Instead, focus on using dark red face paint to create a coagulated blood look around your injuries.

Think about how you died

Did you die in the first wave of zombie attacks, caught unaware before it was even on the news? Or did you get corner on your apartment roof, get bitten then plummet to a not-so-permanent death? If you don’t know how you died, you can’t do effective zombie makeup.

Are you fresh?

A freshly killed zombie will be bloodier and have gooey wounds, while a zombie who has been dead for a while would have dried out a bit. A long-dead zombie may have more blood down their front from biting and disemboweling others. Keep your Halloween zombie makeup of the same consistency throughout.

Use stage makeup

Many people try to use regular makeup, like foundation, eyeshadow and blush, to accomplish Halloween zombie makeup, but stage makeup will give greater coverage as well as blending together better to create the mottled bruised and undead effect.

Use chicken to make wounds

It may seem gross, it may sound unsanitary, but when done correctly with liquid latex, strips of raw chicken can create the most realistic zombie injuries. Carefully done makeup over the raw chicken will make it blend right in with your real skin.

These Halloween zombie makeup tips will give you things to think about before setting out to put your costume together. Give enough thought and take time with your zombie makeup and you’ll be the most realistic and frightening zombie on Halloween night. People might think the zombie apocalypse has come!