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Top 5 Ideas for What to Write in a Valentines Card

Nothing is more nerve wracking before Valentines Day than figuring out what to write in a Valentines card. Even if you have the perfect gift and the perfect way to present it, the gift just feels incomplete without something meaningful and loving written in the Valentines card. Use these ideas to finish off that perfect Valentines Day gift for her or him.

I love you

Sometimes the most simple message can be the most meaningful. If you aren’t a poet or a wordsmith and you don’t want to pretend to be what you’re not, a simple message of “I love you” with your name and some X’s and O’s will mean a lot to the person you love. What to write in a Valentines card should only be dictated y your feelings, not some need to show-off.

Original poem

Create a poem, no matter how corny, by yourself and include it in the card. Even if you have to resort to “Roses are red, violets are blue” for your opening lines, writing a poem yourself will have more meaning than using what’s inside a Hallmark card. I recommend an unrhymed sonnet that catalogues the things you love about the person you’re with. The poem below is a good example of how you can do this yourself.

A Poem

Find a poem you believe conveys your feelings for your loved one. For example, Spenser’s “Epithalamion” may strike your fancy. “Her goodly eyes like sapphires shining bright,/ Her forehead ivory white,/ Her cheeks like apples which the sun hath rudded,/ Her lips like cherries charming men to bite,/ Her breast like to a bowl of cream uncrudded,/ Her paps like lilies budded,/ Her snowy neck like to a marble tower;/ And all her body like a palace faire,/ Ascending up, with many a stately stare,/ To honors seat and chastities sweet bower.” Better yet, if your loved one is a fan of poetry, find out what author and that will be the answer to what to write in a Valentines card.

An Old Memory

While trying to figure out what to write in a Valentines card you may begin to think back on your relationship (hopefully lots of good memories). Pick one of these memories, one you think will mean a lot to your loved one, to write about in the card. For example, tell about the first day you met from your point of view, or about the first day you knew you loved him/her. The little details can really matter, such as what cologne/perfume your loved one was wearing, what outfit, how the hair looked, etc. It shows you care and you go the extra mile to remember all the things you love about the relationship.

A New Memory

If you want to do something really daring on Valentines Day, like ask your loved one to marry you, the Valentines card may be a good way to go about it. Write an old memory, as suggested above, and then write a new one about what you want your wedding day to be like. Or, if you’re already married and are talking about having kids/about to have a child, write what you imagine it will be like to have an extra person in the family that you will both love and care for.

No matter what you choose to write in a Valentines card, remember Valentines Day is about loving the person/people you are with. Cherish the person and love them deeply, don’t stress too much about the presents or poetry.

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