Top 5 iPhone Note Taking Applications

iPhone can be a great tool for taking notes. You can crate notes by typing them in or you can take a photo, record video or audio. You can then transfer your notes and access them from your computer. There are a lot of apps for the iPhone for note taking. Some are rich in features, some are very simple and easy to use. Here is a list of top 5 iPhone applications for note taking.

1. Evernote
One is one of the best rated apps for iPhone and not only for note taking. With Evernote you can easily write your note, take a photo or record a sound and place it in your note. All of your notes have location information. You can tag your notes for easy searching and organize them into notebook. It synchronizes from your iPhone to web storage and you can access your notes from your browser or with a desktop application. Price: free.

2. Simplenote
This is high quality note taking application for iPhone with standard iPhone user interface. You can create notes and add tags, pins, versioning and share your notes with others. All notes are easily searchable. Price: free but there is also a premium service available.

3. Springpad
With Springpad you can create notes or save anything you come across: tasks, products, places, recipe, checklist, business location, a person’s contact info, a barcode scan…). All notes are saved and synchronized to the web. You can then access your notes from browser. Price: free.

4. Awesome Note (+Todo)
Awesome Note is not just note taking application it is also a to-do list manager. It allows you to combine notes with to-do list. It is a beautifully designed app. You can sync your notes with Google Docs & Evernote. Price: Lite version free, full version $3.99.

5. Microsoft OneNote
This is a Microsoft version of OneNote application for iPhone. It lets you capture, access and search notes with your iPhone. Notes your create will you can Windows Live SkyDrive online storage. You can access them on your PC from OneNote 2010 application or from a browser on your Mac.