Top 5 IT Courses That You’d Start Learning Today

The increasing growth and development of technology cannot hide the fact that many employees and employers need at least the basic knowledge and skills in operating a computer and using the internet. But basic knowledge and skills are no longer enough if you, as an employer, want to be on top of your business. And the same is true with you, as an employee, if you want to constantly grow your career and maybe someday become one of the corporate executives in a prestigious company.

Skills development does not have to be hard and stressful. They can be fun and easy; they can be satisfying, too! The reason behind that is learning does not have to stop when you graduate from a certain college or course. It must still go on while you’re alive because learning is all there really is in life.

Here is a list of the top five IT courses that you can start learning today in combination with whatever courses you’re passionate about to enroll and study or have already studied:

Web Design

Being a web designer is different from being a web developer. It’s just like being an architecture is totally different in being an engineer although they both work with houses and buildings and structures. So they both have differences as well as similarities.

A web designer is like the architecture. He is concerned with the look and feel, the overall design of the house. But in this case, a web designer does not build houses but websites. Websites make someone’s business or person known online.

Web designers learn to code websites using HTML, PHP, CSS, and jQuery to name a few. In order to be able to code, they also need to learn the skills in using different tools like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Dreamweaver, KompoZer, Filezilla, Notepad Plus-Plus, and more. They need to also be able to understand how databases work and how to create them. MySQL database is one example they need to be able to wrap their fingers around. But web designers have limited knowledge on coding and other languages in the computer industry.

Web Development

A web developer is the engineer that structures the house and makes sure the foundation is strong. He determines whether or not the foundation can hold two or three more stories. That’s what web developers do – they make sure their base coding and computer programming are firm and can stand the test of time.

Web developers know HTML, PHP, CSS, and all that a web designer would know but not all web developers really know the idea of “design.” There are web developers who simply make sure their codes are strong and the website or server is functional but don’t pay much attention to how the website looks like or how it “feels” like.

But can web developers be web designers? Yes, they can be both. And a web designer should not also stick to designing alone. Designers earn good amount of money but developers earn more. With these two skills combined, a web designer AND developer will have earned more than “good money” and reputation, of course.

Information Technology and Management

An Information Technology course can actually be learned by itself. This is a course where students can understand the basic functions of computers and how they are affecting businesses today. It offers the key skills of being able to manage databases and information passed through one network to another.

With IT courses combined with Management, students aspiring to be business managers and owners in the future will learn greater skills which they can apply real time. They will understand how modern businesses create technical frameworks from their accounting software to basic employee performance tracking. They will also understand how organizations and corporations work with technology advancing uncontrollably.

Multimedia Development

Ever think of being able to create your own movie but you can’t because you just don’t have the skill to do it? With Multimedia Development course, you can learn to use the tools not only to create your own movies but also to edit videos, audios, and photos. These are priceless skills that anyone venturing into the photography and media industry need to be effective and efficient players in their chosen roles.

Some of the skills they learn include animating graphics like what you see Cartoon Network and Walt Disney pictures, sounding in director, scripting with Lingo, and video in director. They do these all with one tool, the Director MX 2004. But there’s more to learn than just Director MX 2004 that makes this course an exciting venture for any student.

Web Business Development and Marketing

This IT course combines the technical with the non-technical because this is mostly studied by students aspiring to be the best business owners in the future. This course would guide even the beginner into understanding how online business works and whether or not bringing a physical business to the internet is relevant to the growth and profit of the company.

Like the web design course, students will learn how they can code their own websites and publish them online. But added features to this course include students being able to understand and implement their marketing and business development skills online.

With these top IT courses listed, anyone who would master one of them will not fail in whatever business venture or career path they choose to take. Why? That is because they understand how technology works and how it affects not only business owners and computer geeks but also common people with ordinary lives and simple dreams.