Top 5 Measurements for Making a Corset Pattern

To start learning how to make a corset pattern, you will first need to get your measurements, or the measurements of the person you are making the corset for. It may seem simple enough; just use string and a ruler or a soft, fabric tape measurer to get your measurements, right? Wrong. Where you measure will make the difference between a working corset pattern and a hot mess. These are the most important measurements to get for learning how to make a corset and how to get them properly.

Bustline Wear a good bra without padding and measure around the fullest portion of your breasts. This should take the string or measuring tape right across the nipple line. A bra is essential to ensure you’re measuring the fullest portion or it can create an uncomfortably tight corset pattern.

Natural waistline Bend over to find your natural waistline and where the stomach creases is your natural waistline. This should be somewhere around the navel. It may be tempting to measure around the smallest portion of your waist for a corset pattern, but doing so will only make an unusable waistline when you start lacing the corset.

Waist-to-underarm From your natural waist, measure up toward your armpit. Stop two or three inches beneath the armpit. If you are wearing a bra, stop at the top edge of the bra strap. Do not measure too close to the armpit. If you do, the corset pattern will cause a corset to rub uncomfortably in the armpit.

Hip Measure around the fullest part of the hips. Do not wear any body shaping underwear; preferably no underwear at all, as panties can change your shape without you even realizing it.

Underbust Wearing a non-padded bra, preferably without underwire, measure around the ribcage just beneath the breasts. The measuring tool, whether a string or soft tape measurer, should not be snug against the bottom of the breasts, it should be a couple centimeters beneath. With these measurements in hand, you can get started making a beautiful corset pattern and be well on your way to learning how to make a corset for any situation and of any design.