TOP 5 Most Visited Sights in Venice!

Everybody knows that Venice is a fabulous and romantic city on water. So many people dream to visit it at least once in a lifetime! So many couples want to get married here!

Unfortunately, Venice is a dying city and every year it increasingly immerses in water. So you shouldn’t hesitate any minute about visiting Venice, because it may disappear soon.

Some interesting facts about Venice:

– The city has no sewerage.

– Venice has about 150 canals, which are connected by 409 bridges.

– More than 15,000,000 tourists visit Venice every year!

– There is a strict amount of 425 gondoliers in Venice.

– Here were born the most famous: lover Giacomo Casanova, the traveler – Marco Polo and the composer – Antonio Vivaldi.

1. Grand Canal

Address: Ponte de lla Guerra, 31024 Venice, Italy

It is the most famous canal in Venice, which runs through the whole city.

The canal’s length is 3,800 meters, its width is 30 – 70 meters, and depth is about 5 meters.

Actually, there are no embankments along the canal, because they are replaced by the facades of houses. So you can rent a gondola and enjoy a little trip along the Grand Canal.

2. Palazzo Ducale

Address: Piazza San Marco, 31024 Venice, Italy

Palazzo Ducale is great monument of Italian Gothic architecture, one of the main attractions of Venice.

It used to serve as the residence of the Venetian government, a place for meetings of the boards of the Republic, the Senate and the Supreme Court.

Palazzo Ducale has been working as a museum since 1923. Nowadays, you can see the Doge’s Palace entirely from the front hall to the prison cells.

The interesting fact is that Giacomo Casanova was imprisoned here. By the way, he was almost the only one who managed to escape from Palazzo Ducale.

3. Basilica di San Marco

Address:San Marco 328, 30124 Venice, Italy San Marco)

Basilica di San Marco was build next to the Palazzo Ducale in 832.

The basilica had burned 2 times. It is constructed in the Byzantine style and decorated with numerous mosaics.

Here are the relics of St. Mark and many valuable objects of art taken from Constantinople during the Crusades. Basilica di San Marco is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987.

4. Teatro La Fenice

Address: Campo San Fantin 1965, 30124 Venice, Italy

Teatro La Fenice is the major opera theatre in Venice and one of the oldest in Europe. It was built in 1792.

3 times it suffered from fires and each time it was restored. The last fire was in 1996. After this accident it opened only in 2003.

You can enjoy the concerts of classical music and performances of local troupes in ‘La Fenice’ all year round. The interesting fact is that there is no wardrobe for visitors.

5. Ponte di Rialto

Address: Rialto Vaporetto Stop, 31024 Venice, Italy San Marco)

Ponte di Rialto is the oldest and most famous bridge over the Grand Canal and it is considered a symbol of Venice. There are always a lot of people: someone buys and someone sells, tourists spend nice time in the numerous cafes, visit souvenirs shop or just take pictures and enjoy the view of the Grand Canal.

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