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Top 5 Movies With Evil Kids


Watching a child actor playing an evil part in a movie is quite disturbing. Especially when there’s blood, horrific violence and the child actually scares the viewer. In no particular order (because they’re all equally evil little buggers) are my most memorable Top 5 movies with evil kids.

Top 5 Movies With Evil Kids

1. The Omen 1976, Twentieth Century Fox (Gregory Peck, Lee Remick) – I was only a young child when I watched this film and I remember how scared I was going to bed that night. This first edition, of a trilogy, grips you from start to finish with brilliant acting from all cast members. Damien is the son of the Anti-Christ, adopted as a baby by Robert Thorn (Gregory Peck) and his wife Katherine (Lee Remick). Within no time, freak accidents start occurring and gruesome deaths. The eerie thing about little Damien, played by Harvey Stevens, is that he has an angelic little face one moment, then the next those little eyes burn through the screen at the viewers. Poor Katherine meets her death at Damien’s supernatural powers, and Robert is left tortured by what he learns about his son and how to deal with it. I haven’t seen the remake, but I doubt it has the impact of the original. Chilling settings, haunting music and fearful imagery will have you fearing 666 for a long while.

The name Damien was quite popular for boys born in the late 70’s early 80’s on the back of the film. Cute name but what a ghastly link.

2. Children Of The Corn 1984, (Linda Hamilton, Peter Horton) – This movie was based on the short story by the King of chiller thriller novels, Stephen King so you automatically know it’s going to get to your mind. Set in 1963, a young couple find themselves stranded in the isolated Nebraska after the husband seemingly knocks down a young child with their car. Amongst the plentiful corn fields that surround them is a cult of children intent on killing all adults that cross them. The children are haunting and vicious, the setting is creepy and the storyline is brutal. A remake was released in 2009 but I’d advise to watch the original for the raw emotive and the child cast are more believable as cold, evil, killer children.

3. The Children 2008, Vertigo Films (Jeremy Sheffield, Eva Birthistle) – This film starts off as a slow burner but once it kicks off, viewers will be gripped, horrified and screaming at the TV screen. Two families, in remote English house, during a bad winter are celebrating the New Year when the kids start acting strangely, after catching a ‘virus’, and the classic freaky accidents start occurring. What strikes me with this film is that the children are so young and chillingly wicked. When the adults have to kill them in order to survive it makes uncomfortable viewing but your kind of willing them to do it. The ending superbly opens the door for a sequel which I’m hoping for. I wouldn’t advise watching this film with your own children. You’ll be left in a panic that they might have latched on to some ideas. More harder to watch if you are a parent.

Top 5 Movies With Evil Kids4. Orphan 2009 Warner Bros Pictures (Isabelle Fuhrman, Vera Farmiga) – This chiller thriller does nothing positive to help the fact that it is harder for older children to be adopted. Isabelle Fuhrman perfects the role as nine year old Estonian orphan, Esther, adopted by the Coleman’s in addition to their own two children. Once settled in her new home, Esther wants to be the centre of attention and love from her new parents and anyone that gets in her way has got to go (usually in death). She’s evil, manipulative and drives her poison into the heart of this family and the couples marriage. The twist that reveals Esther’s behaviour is a shocker and the race for mother, Farmiga, to put an end to her evilness before Esther kills the whole family will have your palms sweating.

Top 5 Movies With Evil Kids5. The Bad Seed 1985 TV movie (Carrie Wells, David Carradine) This film is a remake of the 1963 version, which most reviews claim is the better of the two. I’ve never seen the original, but this TV movie spooked me out enough when I was a kid. Rachel is a spoilt brat who is also very wicked. Rachel is instantly unlikeable from the start of the film. When she starts tormenting her victims and the deception she displays to hide her murderous acts, viewers will be shaking their hands at the TV screen, eager to wrap them around her neck. Carrie Wells played her part with conviction, the dead pan stare, the fits of rage. The scene where she brutally kills her little friend will stay with me forever, and I’ve only seen the film once. A family secret explains reasons for her behaviour, but viewers will not have no empathy for her character.

Top 5 Movies With Evil Kids
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