Top 5 Places to Explore Beijing

Though there are several sightseeing places in China but Beijing has its own uniqueness because of its 3000 year-old historical value. This is the reason why Beijing has been popularly known for greatness of culture and tradition. Being a part of China, the city has increased tourism significance of the country. Every year, the city collects huge number of tourists and makes them fall in love with its acute magnetism. Beijing is located at northern part of the country occupying in more than 18,000 square kilometers and making special appearance for history-lovers.

The place is said to be the heart of China and best place to people willing to explore time-honored and developed city. The royal building with history endow demonstrates not nation’s but world’s best charm. If you are planning these vacations, Beijing could be ideal choice because of these amazing places:

The great wall: This is one of the most attractive places to get a glimpse of Beijing city. The great wall has been received a place into the list of World Culture Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987. The wall was constructed 500 years ago with large and solid square rocks. The great wall is divided into eight sections that cross northern part of the city for about 600km.

Temple of heaven: If defined in a few words, temple of heaven is the real highlight of Beijing. The temple located at the southern part of the city in China and divided into two wall parts – inner walls and outer walls. It is thought to be most sacred site over the past five centuries. It is a rare combination of traditional arts and latest technological elements. It is manufactured with many beautiful buildings that represent magnetism this beautiful place.

Forbidden City: The forbidden city of Beijing is the largest imperial complex in the world with 9,999 rooms and an area of 250 acres. You can considerate as an ideal place to explore the city by opening its mysterious facet. It is playing a role of administrator since the time of establishment i.e. between 1406 and 1420. There is a long distance to walk so tourists usually wear comfortable footwear to discover charm of this monument.

Summer palace: Summer palace is the largest imperial garden in China. A large area of this garden is covered with Kunming Lake. Excellent art, architecture, design and type of garden pull tourists to visit the place again and again. It is popularly known as “Royal Garden Museum” that has richest landscapes and eye-catching buildings.

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