Top 5 Reasons to Square Foot Garden

There are 5 very good reason to square foot garden, and the top 5 reasons below are just to entice you to try this gardening method for yourself. If you have ever found gardening to be a bit overwhelming or you just aren’t sure how to get started, square foot gardening might be the perfect solution for you. Check out the top 5 reasons to use the square foot garden method below and you will be convinced enough to give it a try this year.

Any Size Fits

The first great reason is that you control your garden size. For those with a small yard, a raised garden bed of only 4 feet by 4 feet is a great size to start with and it is easy to set up and maintain. A single 4×4 plot means that you have 16 square feet, or 16 separate spaces to grow in. You will be able to produce plenty of food in this small space.

For those with more room, you are only limited by your imagination. The optimal size is 4×8 garden beds, but a series of beds with aisles in between of any size will work. The most important thing is that you don’t make any single garden bed wider than 4 feet. This insures that you can reach the center for planting and harvesting without stepping on, and compacting, the garden soil.

Not sure square foot gardening is for you? Just start with a single bed and add another one next year.

It Looks Awesome

A traditional garden can be a bit of an eyesore in your yard, but a square foot garden is a work of art. With an attractive raised bed you can choose solid cedar for a natural look or use a white painted untreated wood for a clean appearance. Dress up your garden with corner finials or other design elements and it turns into a really pretty addition to the landscape.

Many people divide the space in the square foot garden with strips of wood, often painted, which adds to the visual appeal. The best part about raised beds is that there is a clean line between the garden and your grass. Unlike the rough border of a traditional garden, these clean lines mean that the square foot garden look attractive, even in the city.

Productivity Goes Up!

The most compelling reason to go with a square foot garden is because you just get more per square foot. With optimal plant spacing in each 1×1 foot cell you will maximize your harvest and enjoy a garden that is as productive as it possibly can be.

Forget about the long rows that you are used to in a traditional garden. In fact, you won’t even need your old hoe when you use a square foot garden. Instead, plants are all spaced within a single square foot. You will also be inspired to grow vegetables vertically, saving more space and increasing yields per square foot.

Productivity goes up because the proper spacing insures that each plant is productive without drowning out the next plant. Because you have used raised beds your garden soil will be perfect for producing healthy vegetables and the soil will not be compacted which results in the best root crops you have ever grown.

You Enjoy Variety

For some reason, a traditional garden seems to end up dominated with tomatoes and green beans, among other things. This is because a seed packet is planted in long rows until the seeds are used up and it is just hard to visualize small spaces and make sense of them.

In a square foot garden your mind will immediately separate each square foot easily. It’s easy to imagine growing 16 different things in a 4×4 raised bed. That means more variety for you, a more interesting gardening experience, and it is simply more fun.

You will also start to learn about companion planting to get the most from each 1×1 cell. Where you might have left your old green bean plants to dry up in the traditional garden you will be inspired to plant a fall crop in that space in your new raised bed.

Efficiency is Maximized

When it comes to resources like fertilizer and water you just can’t beat a square foot garden in a raised bed. Because you have so many plants in a small space you will benefit from plants that work well as companion plants next to each other. Some plants provide the very nutrients that other plants need, so mixing them around in your garden bed will reduce the need for additional fertilizer.

Top 5 Reasons to Square Foot GardenWhen it comes to water, you will use much less in a square foot garden than in a traditional garden. This is because you won’t be watering aisles that you walk in and, because the soil is not compacted by foot traffic, every drop of water is absorbed by your plants. In addition, having little exposed soil means the sun won’t dry out the soil as quickly, further saving water.

Give it a Try

There you have it. You can start small, grow to any size you like, and have an attractive garden that is efficient, productive, and offers you great variety. There is no reason not to start a square foot garden this year. These top 5 reason to square foot garden are just the start.