Top 5 reasons to start a wholesale sterling silver family business

A wholesale sterling silver family business is an easy and straighforward option for those considering working for themselves. Unlike products in other high margin niches, sterling silver jewelry is beautiful, creative and has no legal hoops to jump through before you are ready to start selling. There are many reasons why starting up your own wholesale sterling silver family business can be the perfect path for a work at home entrepreneur.

It’s A Creative And Beautiful Niche

How many ways are there for describing and selling an iPhone? Unlike popular gadgets and other high margin niches, sterling silver jewelry items are beautiful and great to build a shop around. You can enjoy taking great photographies, designing a beautiful online store and describing your goods in a way that makes people need to buy them. And if you like jewelry yourself, you can use your success as a vendor and your newly acquired knowledge of your industry to get more involved in things such as jewelry design or hand crafted jewelry.

Anybody Can Sell Jewelry

Unlike other popular home business ideas such as daycare centers or cooking, you don’t need any special permits or certifications to start selling jewelry online. You can sell online, using marketplaces such as EBay or your own e-commerce website. If you are not keen on EBay fees but unable to design, install and manage your own online store, you can use Shopify to create and manage a professionally designed online shop for a small monthly fee. You can even avoid having to buy in bulk and store your wares by using a supplier who offers storage of bulk orders or dropshipping services, though your margins will be slightly lower.

Wholesale Sterling Silver Family Business Enjoy High Margins

People who buy sterling silver jewelry aren’t looking for just the cheapest thing, and so there’s plenty of room for you to make a decent margin on each sale. However, you’ll need to add value in different ways, such as having a great and professional looking shop (That’s why EBay isn’t the best option for this kind of items), good customer service and a user friendly returns policy.

It’s Easy To Find New Things To Sell

Once you have your online store working and turning in a tidy profit, it’s relatively easy to find more lines of products to add to it. From belts to leather bags and even different types of jewelry, the world of accessories and gifts is huge. Many wholesale sterling silver suppliers will also have other items in stock. If you have a good relationship with yours it’s always possible to place a small order for different items and see how they sell.

It’s a Low Cost Business Idea

What are the costs involved in starting up your own wholesale sterling silver family business? You’ll be surprised to know that they are very very low. Besides the things you would expect when starting a business, such as registering it and filling in your yearly accounts, the upfront investment can be kept very, very low. You can start with using a supplier that will send the products to your clients when you place an order, as opposed to actually having to keep stock. And if you decide to keep stock, sterling silver jewelry items are small enough that you could safely store them in your own house or on a small rented wharehouse space.