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Top 5 Reasons to Use Icey Tek Cooler

Transporting food or beverages that need to be kept cold is something that we all struggle with when camping or going out on a trip. That is why Icey tek cooler in North America has been able to help millions of vacationers and campers across the country. Some of the best reasons why you need to buy this and use are-

They are Spacious

Icey Tek coolers come in different sizes. They can hold commodities right from 25 quarts up to 1100 quarts. In between these, there are 22 sizes. The most famous and in demand size is the 200 quart cooler. From the smallest products to the largest which can serve a whole group of people, you can use these coolers. Icey Tek Coolers also have various features like being split to form more than one row, super insulation, etc.

Variety of Colors

They have about 18 different colors that you can choose from. Talk about vacationing in style! These colors range from conventional white, black and blue to exciting colors like tangerine orange, canary yellow and ocean blue. Dual colors are also available. These colors add a certain fun element to your camping and fishing trip and are sure to get your children excited too.


Ice Tek Coolers are made up of premium quality polyethylene roto-molded construction. The lids are made up of double thick polyethylene and are fitted with rubber gasket to ensure that they are sealed tight. When using these materials you can be rest assured about retaining the temperature when you are out on a trip. These ice chest coolers are of the best possible materials which means that you can carry it anywhere you like without having to worry about it durability.

Top Notch Features

They also do not retain stain marks and are non-odor absorbing. These coolers can also be locked easily with your own padlock. This and all the sizes come with a drain plug which can be screwed back when not required. The lids are made to be very heavy so that they stand on their own when opened. This ensures that you do not accidently get hit by a loose or falling lid. They are considered as the best ice chest cooler for all these features.

Variety of Usage

They can be freely and easily used when you are out camping with your family and friends or travelling from one place to another. Beer cans, aerated drinks, frozen food, ice packs, water, etc can be stored and the temperature will be retained for many hours. Even if you are out fishing and need to store your catch and transport it to a long distance, you can do so with the Icey Tek cooler.

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