Top 5 Things that can be done in Dubai during Summer

It is June and Dubai is already super Hot

Summer is just around the corner and all you can think of is getting away for a nice trip – somewhere with lots of ice or somewhere with lots of beaches. Well, if it’s a beach for you then there is nothing as amazing as spending lying around on one of the Dubai beaches.

It is strongly recommended that there are certain activities you should do while you are at Dubai and if you are not doing that, you are probably missing something that you might not get a second chance for!

So, here are some specials that should be done while you are here in Dubai, for summer:

1. Shopping

Dubai is a shopper’s paradise and is a haven for anybody who wants to fill up their goodies bag with the best of the world’s and the quality products that are available in the market. Being Shopper’s enclave, the prices are at affordable ranges and you would enjoy pampering yourself.

2. Fishing

Since the Dubai coastline is one of the best and large on this planet, fishing would be the one thing that you might want to do. Fishing is the excellent in Dubai and you can have an amazing Fishing Safari through various packages

3. Cruising

Yes! That’s the thing! You might want to enjoy a party and what better than a yacht! It is always that time of the year to have a Yacht Party or dinner cruise in Dubai or may be while you are here as year round you get the best yachts for cruising and partying.

4. Monument watching

Still there are many monuments out here, seeped deep in history and speak volumes of the cultural history of Dubai. Certain monuments (like the Burj and the Palm Jumeirah) are held open along with the various museums over here that are a must that you should be visiting – a prime thing that you should be doing while here at Dubai.

5. Eating

This might sound strange to you – for that is what you do regularly. However, Dubai has the finest food in the world to offer; starting from scrumptious caviar to yummy desserts that are so mouth watering that you should take couple of days out only for eating and trying different delicacies. There is never enough and you always want to try more.


There you are – with a complete list of 5 must-dos that you should be doing while you are visiting the most beautiful city in the world