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Top 5 things to do at the Largest Camel Fair in the world

In India there is a small desert city with a small population of 20,000. But every year in the month of November this number goes up to 300,000. Why?

‘The Annual Pushkar Camel Fair’

Pushkar is in Rajasthan, which a hot tourist destination in India and is a global tourist destination. Pushkar camel carnival is a 10 days event which starts from 7th November till 17th November and is the most popular festival in Rajasthan. By Lonely Planet.

So, if you haven’t heard too much about this fair but have planned to attend it than my friend you are on the right website. Below I have shared some of my experience via which I can suggest you the Top 5 things to do at the Largest Camel Fair in the world.

At number 1 – Ride on a camel

The Pushkar fair is about camels. So if you are here and haven’t enjoyed the camel ride or a camel cart ride than your trip will always remain incomplete. You can either go for a ride in the fair ground or go for camel safari, which starts from 3-4 kms from the carnival ground. Many locals like us who runs resorts in Pushkar offer such services. Though the ride in the camel fair is a must, as in that you will be able to experience many local programs like puppet show, tribal dance & music and a small but colorful parade.

At number 2 – A dive in the Pushkar Lake

Pushkar is a holy city for Hindus, who are the greatest religious group in India. The city is has a small lake which has many temples on its banks and the alone temple of ‘Brahma’ – God of creation. So whoever comes to Pushkar must visit the Brahma temple and take a dive in the lake. Though I would suggest that if you are a perfect swimmer than swim across the lake as then you will be the centre of attraction.

At number 3 – Yoga and cooking class

Cooking classes in Pushkar

Even though there is too much to see in Pushkar but still Yoga & Cooking classes have been ranked as 1st & 2nd in ‘Top places to see in Pushkar’ by Tripadvisor. Pushkar Yoga Garden and Bahar Cooking Classes are two of the unique places to visit and experience in Pushkar. Here one can learn to understand the real definition of Yoga and the flavours of Indian food.

At number 4 – Attend the moustache competition & camel race

Pushkar camel fair has many colours, events and 2 most the most popular ones are moustache competition & camel race. My favourite is the moustache competition as more than a dozen locals work on their moustache (a complete year) for this event. Having a long moustache is an honourable thing in Rajasthan and thats why the Guinness world record for the largest moustache is held by an Indian ‘RAM SINGH CHAUHAN’ (4.29 m or 14 ft)

Camel race is an anther popular event in Pushkar camel fair. More than 50,000 camels are present in the Fair ground and most of them are here for SALE. So the owners of these camels always take part in one day camel race and the winner, may not receive huge amount of money, but is able to sell his camels at high prices.

At number 5 – Play tug of war

Yes you must take part in tug of war at fair ground. The locals are always in a good mood the fair is like a 24/7 entertainment so some local games like camel race and tug of war are something which a travellers must attend or play.

Though I mentioned the top 5 things but I will add the 6th one. ‘Meet the locals’ Hey no trip is complete if you aren’t able to understand the local people, their unique culture, food and their definition of entertainment. So I would like to invite you to visit Pushkar, stay at my resort ( Royal Rajasthan Camp ) and enjoy the desert life for a week.

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