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Top 5 tips to always be prepared for if your car breaks down.

One of the biggest nightmares for anyone is being out on the motorway or far away from home and having your car break down. The truth is that a car breaking down anywhere is a huge pain, but sadly, cars are machines and like all machines, even the most cared for, run the risk and have the eventuality of breaking down. If you have a plan in place for when this happens that’s great; if however, you haven’t even considered it, here are the top 5 tips to always be prepared for if your car breaks down:

Off the Road: One of the most important caveats for your broken down vehicle is to get it off the road as soon as possible. A broken down car on the road has no place and even though you know you are broken down, others on the road around you will not. So if your car fails, if your engine flags or if your wheels give out, do your very best to get off to the nearest side of the road. Ideally, if you can swing it you should get to the right side of the road. However, if you are near the left and have to go there on the motorway then that’s what you have to do. Just don’t get to the left if you are in 2-way traffic, obviously, as that would just leave you in oncoming traffic.

Flashers: As you are going off to one side make sure to initiate your hazard lights as soon as you can. Flashers indicate to everyone around you that they should process with caution. If one of your blinkers is out an added bit of advice to the top 5 tips to always be prepared for if your car breaks down may be to turn on your head lamps on bright, no matter the time of day, just to get peoples attention.

Phone: You are going to need some help on the highway. Most of us can’t diagnose and fix any issues which may be going on with our car in a driveway let alone on the motorway. If you don’t have the phone number of anyone in particular it may pay for you to call on your insurance carrier. Their number should be in your glove box and they should be able to help you get the right people to your door, presently.
Jack: If you have blown out a tire and you know which one it is then you should make sure that you leave enough room for whoever winds up coming to help to throw your spare tire on. Leaving plenty of room for your repair person to operate the car jack, take out the deflated tyre and put on your spare.

Stay Inside: Finally in the list of top 5 tips to always be prepared for if your car breaks down, this one is vital; stay in your car! You may think that you can handle anything but an 18 wheel cargo truck lumbering down the highway doesn’t give a wit about you even if they can see you at all!

If you have followed the tips and you still avoid a huge breakdown, consider yourself among the lucky minority. If however, you have had a breakdown in or around Brisbane and you need some help, call on Magic Spanners. Magic Spanners Mobile Mechanic in Brisbane has got the facilities and the tools necessary to get you back up on the road in a short time frame.

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