Top 5 Unquestionable Advantages Of A Responsive Web Design

Here Are The Top Five Unquestionable Advantages:

1. Increase Conversion Rates And Sales
The visitor has a better site experience because there is no need for redirection and use of CSS (standardized Style Sheets) across devices and united design approach will make a reliable look and feel as well. Regular and reliable visitor’s experience will have a great positive impact on conversion rates because users are familiar with navigation and site use across devices. In addition, responsive web design eliminates some of the barriers that having manifold sites can present, for example, in functionality and performance.

2. Improved Usability
Despite the devices visitors are using, you make sure that you provide a great experience to them. However, smart phones have the facility to zoom by ‘pinching’ and other functions to help browsing and navigation with legibility cannot be easy. But, it is particularly visible when trying to checkout through an online store or filling out forms online. The process can become awkward and frustrating as a result increase in bounce-rates and deserted checkouts on your site.

3. Reach To More Target Audience
There are plenty of studies showing that a remarkable rise in the number of people who use their Smartphone’s and tablets for their online activities. For example, 95% of Smartphone users search for local information on their device and about 85% take action accordingly like making a purchase. Besides, 75% of users have researched on a product or service on their mobile phones, and about 45% of Smartphone users have made a purchase on their device and 35% of people turn to the screen that is closest when looking for products and information. So, if you don’t provide your users or customers a great experience on the device, you may lose them.

4. SEO Advantages
You can save your time with responsive websites as you have a single website to maintain. Besides, there lots of SEO benefits of this approach as well. Rather than having to build links and traffic to numerous sites, a responsive web design allows you to focus all your SEO efforts on a single site that means all links goes to the same place without site-slowing redirects. In addition, responsive design can generate more traffic, boost sales and customer engagement as well as provide you an edge over your opposition.

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5. Stay In Business
You are losing customers with money without a responsive website. At the present time, more and more people are buying products online. So, why go out when you can sit at home and have your products delivered at your doorstep?

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