Top 5 Ways to Cast a Love Spell

Love can be a tricky thing and getting the object of your affection to return your feelings can be nerve wracking. You can give love a little assistance when you cast a love spell on your crush.

Use Red and Pink Candles

Wrapping a photo of a person you want to cast a love spell on in pink ribbon then burning it over a red or pink candle is the easiest ritual. Combine the actions with a chant for the person to notice you and notice the attractive qualities about you. This can also be the most dangerous if performed incorrectly as it can remove the person’s free will.

Red Lipstick

Write the person’s name on a piece of paper and fold t up. Using re lipstick, kiss the front of the paper and write your own name into the center of the lips. Bury the paper beneath roses. When you use this method to cast a love spell it is the least invasive as it only encourages the person to kiss you. Anything developing beyond that will be natural.

White and Red Roses

Dry the petals of 2 or 3 white roses and spread them across a photo of the person you want to cast a love spell on. Describe your best qualities and ask the Goddess to have this person notice them. Burn the petals and the photo then sprinkle the ashes over red roses.

Be Vague

To avoid any backlash when you cast a love spell, use a love spell with vague terms. Rather than thinking of a specific person, think of the qualities you want in a partner. Extinguish red, pink and white candles as you name the qualities and finish by asking the Goddess to find this person for you.

Moon Phases

A full moon makes it more powerful when you cast a love spell. Wait until night to do any of the above rituals and it will have a better chance of succeeding, as well as lasting longer without wearing off.